TRS Coral Hotel Costa Mujeres – A Comprehensive Overview  

This 5-star adults-only all-inclusive resort is one of the newer offerings in the Costa Mujeres area. We delve into the resort and everything it has to offer and aim to help you decide if this is the resort for your next vacay

Grade 4.2 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


TRS Coral Costa Mujeres was only opened in 2018 and it still has that new resort feel about it.  It has all of the modern amenities and perks you would expect from a newly built all-inclusive resort. It’s a 5-star adults-only offering that manages to punch above its weight in some of the categories, which we will delve into a bit. There are a few areas we would like to see improvement on, but the overall experience was luxurious at a competitive price point.  

Let’s just start off by saying this resort is absolutely stunning. It was designed with modern architecture and the common areas make you feel like you are in a chic art gallery as opposed to an all-inclusive resort. With 469 rooms this is a medium-sized resort and because the grounds are located on a large patch of land the resort feels spacious and never overcrowded. 

The TRS Coral is part of the Palladium chain of resorts that have a solid staple of resorts in their collection. So, they are a well-seasoned bunch. 


Located in the Costa Mujeres area just North of Cancun. This is a great spot for people that don’t want to visit a resort in the main hotel area of Cancun but can easily be right amongst the action with a short taxi ride. It’s a 20-minute drive from the main area of Cancun and a 35-minute drive to Cancun international airport, so it’s a very convenient location. 

Resorts in the area tend to have a lot more space and the amenities on offer are in abundance. The TRS Coral has an expansive site and the resort never feels crowded, even when near full capacity. The resort does share a few of its amenities with the sister resort of the Grand Palladium, but given the size of all of the amenities at the resort. You wouldn’t notice it. 

Is Costa Mujeres the same as Playa Mujeres?

Yes, Costa Mujeres and Playa Mujeres are in the same location. Located around a 35-minute drive from Cancun International airport the area is North of the main area of Cancun. The area is within the jurisdiction of Isla Mujeres. It’s an extremely popular location for all-inclusive resorts and is a great option for people wanting to travel to Cancun, but not to be staying in the hustle and bustle of the main tourist area. 

Top Tips 

  • The resort has a large footprint and a lot of the buildings are pretty spread out. To get around from one part of the resort to another there is a network of golf carts that ferry guests throughout the resort. The TRS Coral has a really smooth set-up and you never end up waiting too long for a ride. The cart service does stop at 11 pm every night, so make sure to bake that into your plans if you’re having a late one
  • Where the TRS Coral is located there is lots of vegetation throughout and surrounding the resort. This makes for a lovely aesthetic to the resort, but it does bring a lot of bugs with it. So, make sure to pack the bug spray as there can be a lot of them in the parts of the resort where there are higher levels of vegetation
  • One of the really cool things about this resort and the Grand Palladium, its sister resort, is that there are a number of rivers that run throughout the complex. This creates some really nice views throughout the resort and you can go on boat rides which are a nice touch. They also have some electric boats that can be rented if you fancy setting sail through the network of rivers
  • One of the handy things is that the room keys are wristbands. A lot of resorts do this and we actually like this feature. It just means that you never forget your key, which is very handy. The keys are also waterproof, so no need to worry about taking a dip with them on
  • The technology at the TRS Coral is really strong. All of the TVs in the rooms have information about the restaurants that are open each day as well as the schedule of events for the day ahead. You can also order room service on the TV which is great. The resort also has a mobile app that is available on iOS and Android. Through the app, you can see all the information about the resort, restaurants, and what’s on. You can’t order room service though, but you can order specific things from the housekeeping team, a safe, irons, etc
  • Another unique feature that we haven’t seen at many other resorts is their premium takeaway service. This is effectively a duty-free shop at the hotel. 48 hours prior to departure you can order alcohol to take home with you for quite cheap. For example, you can get a bottle of Grey Goose for $25 USD which is a decent value for most countries 
  • In all of the restaurants and bars, there is the opportunity to purchase upgraded alcohol. So, there is an extended menu for things like artisan beers, wines, and champagnes. We actually like this feature and the menu is quite expansive. It helped that they stocked our favorite beer Sam Adams


On arrival, you are greeted with a glass of bubbly and given a cold towel. You are brought directly to a reception desk and brought through the check-in process. The staff is very thorough in going through all of the features of the resort, which is nice. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible as the sooner you are familiar with everything the resort has to offer, the more you will be able to make use of your vacation. 

TRS Coral Main Entrance

Is the TRS Coral a child-friendly resort?

This is an adults-only offering, so if you were planning on bringing the kids. This is not the spot for you, but fear not the Palladium chain of resorts have you covered. Right next door to the TRS Coral is the Grand Palladium hotel which is a family-friendly resort. 

There are also a number of great options in the Playa Mujeres area. The Finest Playa Mujeres is one of the highest-ranking resorts we have visited and is a family-friendly option.  INSERT LINK 


What is nice about the TRS Coral. Is that you can leverage all of the amenities at the sister Grand Palladium resort if you want. The Grand Palladium is a family offering, so if you want a kid-free experience that might not be what you want, it’s nice to have the option of more choices. 

In the TRS Coral, there is just one pool for guests, although the pool is spacious and has a luxury vibe to it with sunken sun loungers and a swim-up bar. We would have liked to have seen more pool options solely for TRS Coral guests. Obviously, there are 4 other pools on the Grand Palladium side that you can make use of, but if you’re wanting an adults-only experience as you relax by the pool. You only really have one choice.

Rafa Nadal Tennis Center

Rafa Nadal Tennis Center

One of the great amenities located on-site is the Rafa Nadal tennis center. This place is a tennis lover’s dream with fantastic facilities and professional coaching available at a really competitive price. 

There are a number of packages that can be added to your stay. They have one on one and group courses available and prices start from just $200 for the total tennis program. This is a group session for two hours a day for two days during your stay. They even have clay tennis courts here to really channel your inner Rafa Nadal. 


Although there is no golf course that is directly associated with the resort. The Playa Mujeres golf course is located a short drive away. It’s just a 3-minute drive from the resort and transportation can be organized through the TRS concierge. This course is pricey though with green fees being as high as $175 in peak season. 

If you are looking for a golfing holiday you are probably better off going to a resort that has a direct relationship with the Playa Mujeres course and gets preferential green fees. Resorts like the Dreams Playa Mujeres or one of the Excellence resorts are probably your best option in the area.


TRS Coral Gym

The facilities here are great and more than sufficient enough for the volume of guests at the resort. The gym is open from 7 am – 6 pm and all of the equipment is relatively new.  The gym has a good amount of cardio machines. Enough that you should never be waiting for a piece of equipment. Even if you go during peak times. The gym also has a decent-sized free weights area, machine weights, and a studio area. All in all, the gym should be more than adequate to get any type of exercise during your stay. 

This is one of the amenities that is shared across both resorts in this complex, but given that you need to be 16+ to use the gym, it’s never too busy. 

Things to do during the day 

There is a huge range of activities and entertainment that is put on throughout the day. From fitness classes, musical entertainment, Spanish classes, and Kayak tour. There is always something going on. The gym also has a complete schedule of classes to keep you fit on your trip.

Things to do during the night 

The evening entertainment is quite good here. There is a focus on music which we really liked. Each evening at the main bar just off reception there is someone playing the piano, which makes for a lovely atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to grab a pre-dinner cocktail. 

In the evening there is the Chic Cabaret & Restaurant. This is a dinner and show experience.  What we didn’t particularly like about this experience is that this experience comes at a surcharge. The price also varies significantly depending on where you are staying in the complex. For TRS Coral and guests staying in the Family section of the Grand Palladium, it will cost you $35 to attend the show and dinner.


The beach in Costa Mujeres is probably the best beach in the Cancun area. Unlike the main beach in the hotel zone, the beach here is a little bit protected from the Isla Mujeres peninsula on the right-hand side of the beach. Meaning the waters are a little calmer.  The beach is also huge and private, so there is no footfall from non-resort guests. 

There are a number of layers to the beach that is separated by vegetation. It’s actually kind of nice as the plants offer a certain amount of privacy from the main beach area. All of the Bali beds that are available on the beach area are in the areas off the main strip. 

Another thing to note about the Costa Mujeres beach is that it doesn’t suffer from Seagrass as much as the beach at the main hotel zone. You do get a little bit of it washing up on the shore, but the staff is always out there clearing it off the beach to make it look as pristine as possible. 


Spa a TRS Coral

The Zentropia spa is the offering at the TRS Coral. The facilities at the spa are nice and modern. There is a lovely hydrotherapy run, which guests of the TRS Coral can make use of for no extra cost. There is a full spa menu on offer here at the Zentropia spa.  

Prices at the spa are quite high, but there are usually offers that can be had. They advertise these offers at the spa reception and on the spa information section on the TV. So, be sure to check these out. The most frequent special offer we saw was a 60-minute massage for $135 USD, which honestly doesn’t seem like that much of a discount at all.

The Service  

We would say that the service here is very consistent. There is a high amount of staff at the resort, so there is always someone nearby offering a helping hand. 

The one element we were not that impressed with and we heard similar feedback from other guests was the butler service. All rooms at the TRS Coral include this service and honestly, we think the branding of the service just doesn’t align with what you actually get with the service. 

In reality, the butlers make reservations for dinner and at the spa for you. Our expectations were based on what we experienced at other resorts that offered a butler service. At those resorts, the butler would reserve our favorite sun lounger in the mornings and get us drinks or food by the pool if we requested. This is not the kind of service you get at the TRS Coral with their butler service.  

Booking during Covid

Traveling during Covid can be a daunting task and while we at InspoVacay urge you to follow your countries and Spain’s travel guidance we are also here to arm you with the information needed to make sure you are maximizing the resorts Covid protocols and protections 

The TRS Coral Hotel is part of the Palladium Hotel group with over 400 hotels and resorts in its portfolio. They are a large-scale operator that has a great Safety and protocol plan in place for visitors staying during Covid. 

Flexible Cancellation Policy 

If you booked your vacation directly through the TRS Coral website, they offer a super flexible cancellation policy. You can cancel your stay up to 2 days before you arrive and receive a complete refund on the cost of your accommodation. 


There are four main types of rooms at this resort. As seen below, these rooms can be chosen with a number of different options. Such as ocean view, garden view, swim-up pool, and beachside view. The overall quality of the rooms is very high and the choice design aesthetic that runs throughout the communal areas in the resort is matched in the rooms. 

One of the nice things about the rooms in the TRS is that there are wine coolers in a lot of the rooms. The wine selection at all-inclusive resorts is typically not the best and there are normally only bottles of house wine included as part of your package. If you are a lover of wine it might be worth stopping off in the local liquor store on your way to the resort so that you can drink your favorite tipple throughout your stay. 

Junior Suite 

Junior Suite TRS Coral with Balcony

Being the standard room in the resort, we were really impressed with the Junior suites here. The design and aesthetic of these rooms were really nice. They have a mid-century decor to them which makes these rooms feel super luxurious. The Junior suite itself has a nice private bathroom, a king-sized bed, and a nice seating area with a couch and desk. The room then opens out to a balcony with views over the resort. An important thing to note is that with these suites there is no outdoor jacuzzi like you get at a lot of other resorts. 

Loft Suite 

These are seriously impressive and definitely worth the extra cost if you have the budget.  The room has Miami beach vibes to it and was pure luxury.  The suites are designed in the same way as the Junior suites with beautiful decor and vibe. These suites have the capacity for two adults and are spacious coming in at 1076ft².  

Spread over two floors this suite has a really spacious bathroom, main bedroom, and a separate living room. The balcony is the most impressive part of these suites with a double-height ceiling which add to the luxurious feel of this suite. The balcony is also huge with a nice seating area and a freestanding bathtub which is super boujee.

Ambassador Suite

Coming in at 1400ft², these suites are the size of a good-sized house. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your room then these might be the suites for you. This suite has a separate bedroom, living room, and a balcony that has two separate areas. It even comes with its own bar. You’ll have no reason to leave a suite like this. The outdoor area features a dining area,  day bed, and jacuzzi, and both of the areas are quite separate, which we liked. 

Signature Suite

This suite has a capacity for four adults and is the biggest and most exclusive suite on the resort. There are only a handful of these suites on the resort and they are really impressive. The suite has the option of an amazing swim-up pool that wraps around the entire suite. It’s pure luxury and worth splurging for. The room is very expensive though and runs into the thousands per night. 

Price Range + Packages 

The TRS Coral is on the expensive side for resorts in the area. When you compare it to the other adults-only options in the area it is the second most expensive resort averaging $380 a night for a standard room in September. For comparison one of our highest rated adults-only resorts, the Beloved Playa Mujeres comes in around 20% for the same timeframe. 

What’s included in the all-inclusive package 

The all-inclusive package at Palladium resorts is known as “Infinite Indulgence” and it’s a pretty standard offering for what’s out there in the all-inclusive market currently. The package includes all meals, drinks, entertainment, and use of amenities. Room service is included at the TRS Coral.

There is also a fully stocked mini-bar that is restocked daily. In the minibar, there are soft drinks, water,  Dos Equis and Coors Lite beers, and some snacks. You can also have your choice of one bottle of liquor for the room. 

Unlike a lot of resorts that we have visited there seems to be a high amount of upsell opportunities throughout the resort. Don’t get us wrong, their all-inclusive packages are very strong and really cover everything you would need, but there are a lot of extras that you can buy.  Things like moonlight dinners on the beach, and breakfasts delivered on floating tables in your swim-up pool. 

Food + Restaurant Options 

With 12 dining options at the resort, you won’t find it difficult to find a place to eat here. No matter what type of food you like there will be something for you here. The TRS Coral guests can make use of all of the restaurants at the sister Grand Palladium resort too, while the Grand Palladium resorts cant do the same. Below we have covered the top 4 restaurants available to TRS Coral guests. 

Reviewing the Restaurants

Helios Beach Club (TRS Coral Side)

Helios Beach Club at TRS Coral

Located right down by the beach, the Helios Beach club is reserved for TRS Coral guests only. It’s open for lunch and dinner and the food here is one of the best offerings throughout the whole Palladium complex. The spot does require reservations for its dinner sitting and we highly recommend booking as soon as you arrive, as it can be difficult to get a table here if you leave it too late. Be sure to request a table on its stunning terrace area, with views over the ocean and forest area, it’s a picturesque spot to dine. 

Helios serves a mix of dishes, but the focus is definitely on seafood and a Mediterranean theme. There are fresh salads, pasta dishes, paella, sandwiches, and burgers. The ceviche here is top quality and is one of the top dishes in the resort. We did hear that the steak wasn’t the best and that is what we experienced at some of the other restaurants too, so we’d advise steering clear of that, but overall this is one of the best restaurants on the resort.

El Gaucho (TRS Coral Side)

This is an Argentinean barbeque and if you’re a meat-lover, this is the spot for you. The location of El Gaucho is also very picturesque with elevated views of the beach and ocean. The steaks here were the best cuts of meat and at times the meat can be a little overcooked. The beef carpaccio here is delicious to start and for mains, the lamb and flank steak were actually the best-cooked meats. 

Portofino (Grand Palladium Side)

Another Italian offering, but this is the Grand Palladium offering. This resort has a nice modern decor and the menu has all of the traditional Italian dishes you would expect.  The main options are pizzas and pasta. 

The pasta was quite nice. It didn’t seem like the pasta was freshly made, but it was still cooked well. It was a little aldente, which we like. The pizzas here weren’t great, although the pizzas did seem to be made fresh.  The pizza overall was underdone. The base was very soft and there was a lot of flop to the pizza. 

La Adelita (Grand Palladium Side)

Mexican food at its finest, more often than not we find for all-inclusive resorts in Mexico that the local food is more often than not, not great. You’ll be glad to hear that La Adelita restaurant bucks the trend and the food is great here.

Some of our favorite dishes were the tacos al pastor which was super tasty. The flavors were fantastic and the tortillas were fresh and crispy. The fish ceviche here was also great. The fish was fresh and tender.  Such a refreshing dish.

Room service 

The menu is quite big and ordering through the TV is very handy. We would say though that the service was not very fast. Although we had no issues, we had heard the service can be slow when the resort is at peak capacity. There is no additional charge for room service which is great. 

Bars and Drinks Offering 

There are loads of bars throughout the resort, so you won’t be short on places to grab a drink, it really felt like every corner you turn there was a bar around it. Drinks are served at 2 am in this resort which is actually later than a lot of resorts in Cancun.  

The drinks offered here were really good. There was a great range of premium spirits on offer in all of the bars.  They had the likes of Hendricks Gin, Skyy and Absolut Vodka, Patron, Jagermeister, and Bombay Gin. The bar staff here were also really well trained in making the perfect cocktails.  We loved just rocking up to a bar and asking the bartenders to make a random cocktail for us and they always hit it out of the park. 

One of our favorite bars to go to was the Gravity bar. Located on the top floor with wonderful views of the resort and surrounding areas, this is the perfect spot to grab an after-dinner drink. There is live music here most evenings and just a great atmosphere, so make sure to check it out. 


The service you get at all-inclusive is in general second to none. We at InspoVacay have traveled to 100’s of resorts and you rarely get issues with the quality of service at most 4 or 5-star resorts. One of the best ways that you can show your gratitude is through tips. Although it states in your package that gratuities are included, it’s customary to tip the staff for their service.  

We always factor this into the cost of the vacation and typically a lot around $30 USD a day to tipping. This includes tipping for meals and drinks during the day. So, be sure to plan for this as the service is top-notch. 


The TRS Coral is a really strong choice if you are looking for a luxury adults-only experience at a decent price point. The additional amenities and access you get at the TRS Coral make it an easy choice compared to the Grand Palladium and especially if you’re looking for an adults-only experience. The newness of the resort also makes for a luxury getaway and you really can’t go wrong with choosing this as your next vacation spot.


Q. Does the TRS offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. Yes, the TRS can provide a shuttle bus or private transfer to and from the airport. These come at additional costs and are booked by ringing the resort prior to traveling 

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guests and it is complimentary 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available to you in your suite as well as throughout the resort. 

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. The resort is a short drive from Cancun where there is a huge range of activities to do.  There is also a huge amount of natural and cultural things to see and do within a short drive of Cancun. The Chitzen Itza is definitely worth a visit. 

Q. What does the TRS in TRS Coral mean?

A. This actually took us a while to figure out, but we finally found the answer. It stands for “The Royal Suites.”