The Cliff House Hotel – A Comprehensive Overview of Our Stay

Located in the Ardmore, Waterford. The Cliff House Hotel is a 5-star resort that

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Grade 4.7 out of 5 Stars 


The Cliff House hotel is one of Ireland’s premier resorts and this 5-star hotel is perched in one of the island’s most picturesque spots. This boutique resort only has 39 rooms available, so there is a feeling of exclusivity here. 

Depending on the time of year that you are going, it can be difficult to get a booking. So we recommend booking well in advance if you’re traveling in peak months. 

Our review was based on our visit in June 2023. 

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 Located in County Waterford on Ireland’s South coast, this is a beautifully scenic part of the world. As you can probably guess the hotel is situated on the side of a cliff and morphs wonderfully into the landscape. The hotel is located in the seaside town of Ardmore, a quaint village. There are some lovely walks with some stunning views and the beach here is a lovely stretch of sand.


The original Cliff house was built around the early 1930s and the hotel was transformed into the marvel that it is today in 2008. At the time an investment of over €20 million was put into making this wonderful resort and this family-owned spot has kept up with the times with various upgrades throughout the years. 

Top Tips 

  • Make sure that you explore the local area. The cliff walk is a scenic spot that takes in all of the great views that the South Coast has to offer. The walk takes about an hour to do and there are some historic points of interest along the way.  
  • For the pool area you do need to make a booking, so be sure to book this early. As prime spots are tough enough to get.
  • The main restaurant has a Michelin star and we highly recommend making a booking to get the best time. 
  • The spa here is also super, be sure to indulge yourself and book in for a treatment.


The process was smooth. Once we arrived the staff were super helpful they had all of our details at the ready. Before arrival, they had reached out to us to confirm dinner times on the two evenings we were there and any other booking we needed. 

The check-in staff were also super detailed in their overview of the layout of the hotel and all of the amenities. Once we had gone through the check-in process, a member of staff brought us down to our room. 

There are many nooks and crannies in this hotel, so having a member of staff show us our room was super helpful. Once we got to our room our bags were waiting for us. It was a seamless experience. 

Is the Cliff House a family-friendly Hotel?

Yes, it is a family-friendly spot and several amenities and elements make this a perfect spot for a family getaway. Don’t get us wrong, when we visited it was mainly adults that were there and that is probably to do with the price tag to stay here, but if you are comfortable with the price point and bringing the kids along. Then the kids and yourself will have a great time. 

There is also a kids’ games room and an outdoor ping pong table, so if you do plan on bringing the kids, there is a place for them to be entertained. 

Things to do at Cliff House Hotel

There are two different parts of the resort. There is the manor house which is the old country estate house and the Hunter Yards which is a newish hotel complex that you guessed was built on the old hunters’ yards of the resort. The two areas of the resort vary quite a lot in price with rooms in the manor house being substantially more expensive than rooms in the hunter’s yard.

As the rooms in the Hunters yard are more modern they are a good bit bigger than the comparable rooms on offer in the Manor house. Take the standard offerings in both the Manor House and Hunter’s yard. The Hunters yard standard room is nearly 35% bigger than the standard room in the Manor House. 

If you are looking for a more traditional estate experience then we definitely recommend going with the Manor house, but if you’re traveling with kids Hunters Yard probably makes more sense. 


It’s a small gym here at the Cliff House, but like every other place in the hotel, there are some stunning views of the bay from it. As the hotel is so small, the size of this gym shouldn’t impact you getting a solid workout in. Each time that we went there we had the place to ourselves. There are cardio machines and a few machines weights. All of the equipment is like new and working out with those views is something special. 


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The pool here is truly stunning. With 180-degree views over the bay of Ardmore and the floor-to-ceiling windows make the most of the beautiful views below. It’s quite a large indoor pool and there is a good bit of seating around the pool. There is a sauna, steam room, and outdoor jacuzzi and the place has been done to a high spec. You need to make an appointment for the pool, which is quite lovely and it does limit the number of people at the pool at any given time. 

If you fancy a dip in the refreshing Atlantic then there is a swimming area that can be accessed from the hotel. The waters are cold, no matter what time of year it is, but it’s a refreshing experience. 


The Well Spa is a top-notch offering that is one of the nicest ones in the country. There is a full spa menu on offer. The facilities and surroundings make this a serene and relaxing experience. As our package included a 25-minute treatment of our choice we went with a back massage. The staff here are really good and they catered well to our desired massage pressure. Be sure to request a spa room that overlooks the ocean. It just adds to the sense of relaxation. One of the most popular treatments they have is the outdoor seaweed baths. Again this experience maximizes the view of the beautiful surroundings and the 

The Service 

Throughout our stay the service was impeccable. From the moment you arrive to when you leave, there is just a level of service that you don’t get at the majority of hotels. This is the kind of place that refers to guests as Sir and Madam. 

To give you an example of the level of service. When the member of staff was bringing us down to our room on check-in. The member of staff never entered the lift with us and took the stairs. For us, this was overkill, but they emphasize a standard of service that is top-notch. 

If you are lucky enough to dine in the Michelin-starred restaurant you’ll have an elevated level of service. The staff here are super competent. They explain each dish thoroughly and are on hand for everything you need. The service here isn’t too prim and proper like you see at some Michelin-starred restaurants. The staff is still really friendly and comfortable to have a chat while serving your dishes, which was nice to see.


The whole hotel was super clean. The housekeeping service was super consistent. Once in the morning, the staff cleaned the room very thoroughly and had a turndown service in the early evening. It seemed like the staff made sure that the rooms were cleaned when you were out for breakfast, which was very convenient.


There are a couple of choices when it comes to room selection here, but let us start by saying all of the rooms available have a level of privacy that we haven’t experienced at any other resort. No room is overlooked and because the hotel is built into a cliffside, there are multiple levels, so every room has a view stunning view.  

The rooms also have a choice of decor to them. They aren’t the most modern rooms, but they have been kept in good condition and the selling point will always be the views. The views are so good and every room is so close to the water that it almost feels like you are on a cruise ship. There is no bad choice when it comes to room selection.

Deluxe Terrace Suite

When we visited we stayed in a Deluxe Terrace suite. These are spacious rooms that offer a choice of decor and have a generous bathroom. The suite is flooded with light from the sunroom area which has floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass roof to bring the outside in. 

There is a lovely seating area just off the main bedroom in the “sunroom” area. It’s the perfect spot to read a book and chill out for the afternoon. Off the sunroom, there is a large terrace, which is completely private and offers some truly impressive views of the bay below.

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We enjoyed staying in this suite and it is super luxurious. For us, it was the little touches that separated this suite from the pack. Things like the gorgeous standalone bathtub and the water pressure in the shower made the experience feel a bit more special.

The speaker system that you can connect to and play music throughout the suite. The king-sized bed was also delectably comfortable. We really can fault our stay in the Deluxe Terrace suite. 

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The Cliff Beach House

It’s a bit of an injustice to describe this accommodation in the room’s section. As the Cliff beach house is a standalone rental house that sits outside of the confines of the main hotel. This private house rental offers luxurious options for larger groups that come to stay. It offers all of the bells and whistles that you get in the main hotel as well as some luxury touches. With a personal house host, a private chef

How much does it cost to stay at Cliff House Hotel?

As this is one of Ireland’s most luxurious resorts it’s reflected in the price point. When we visited we availed of their “Couple Retreat” offer which included 2 nights of bed and breakfast. A three-course evening meal in the bar and an eight-course tasting menu for two in our Michelin-starred restaurant. 

There is also a bottle of prosecco on arrival as well as your choice of one 25-minute treatment per person from the Well Spa. The package varies in price. It starts at €1073 to €1,445 for two people depending on the time of year that you visited. We traveled in early April and stayed on Thursday and Friday. If you just plan on doing bed and breakfast then room rates start at €289 per room for two guests. 

Food + Restaurant Options 

When it comes to Dining options the Cliff House Hotel has some of the most exquisite options of any hotel in this part of Ireland. The House restaurant is a Michelin-starred offering with chef Ian Doyle at the Helm. Ian previously worked at the world-renowned Noma restaurant in Denmark, which currently holds three Michelin stars. 

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The House Restaurant

When we ate here we went for the 8-course sample menu. It was part of our couple retreat package and it was probably the most enjoyable meal we have ever had. With each course came culinary experience. Every mouthful was enjoyable and exploration for the taste buds. The staff were super detailed in their explanation of the dishes. It’s a seasonal menu that rotates and there is an emphasis on locally sourced produce, which is great to see. The 8-course tasting menu costs €130 a head, but if you’re wanting to treat yourself. It’s worth it.

Bars and Drinks Offering 

 There are two bar options at the Cliff House. The main bar, which also serves up some delicious eats. As well as the guest lounge, which is located just off the House restaurant. The main bar has a wide selection of drinks on offer with an extensive cocktail list and an impressive choice of liquor on offer.  There is also a substantial choice of beers on tap, with traditional options such as Guinness and Heniken as well as some locally brewed options for Waterford. 


You can’t get much better than the Cliff House Hotel if you’re looking for a luxury getaway. The service, food, location, and views are some of the most impressive we have ever seen. There were one or two elements that could have been nicer, but we’re splitting hairs here. 

This is the perfect destination if you are celebrating a special occasion or you’re just looking for a luxury getaway and budget is an issue. 


Q. How far is the Cliff House Hotel from Dublin airport

A. It is located in Ardmore, County Waterford. It’s a 2-and-a-half-hour drive from Dublin airport. 

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, free parking is available in the resort. There is also complimentary valet parking. So, once you arrive, park at the main entrance and the staff will organize your bags to be delivered to your room and your car to be parked. 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is included throughout the resort as part of the room rate. 

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. There is a huge amount to do in the local area. The highlights are the cliff walk that is located right next to the hotel. The village of Ardmore also has some nice Pubs and restaurants to explore as well as a lovely beach.