Secrets resorts – All your questions answered! 

Are all Secrets resorts adults only?

The Secrets brand is an adults-only offering. The atmosphere at these resorts is definitely more chilled and it’s the perfect place for a couples or friends vacation.

If you were planning on bringing the kids. You will need to look elsewhere. Luckily the AMResorts collection which owns the Secrets has a number of other brands that cater to family experiences. If you are looking for a similar standard to the Secrets we recommend looking at the Dreams resorts.

What are Secrets resorts known for?

Secrets are part of the AMResorts brands and all of the resorts are 5-star offerings. These adults-only offerings are known for their luxury and personal experience.

All Secrets resorts offer the “Unlimited-Luxury” package, which is an elevated all-inclusive experience. This includes unlimited top-shelf drink options. A top-notch dining experience that you wouldn’t expect from an all-inclusive. 24-hour room service and great service.

There are 24 resorts around the globe there is a huge range of choices of destinations. With all the resorts offering the same high standard of experience.

Is the Preferred Club at the Secrets worth it?

The preferred club is an extra level of luxury that gives you access to a number of amenities and features. Some rooms have the preferred club access included in them and you can upgrade to these rooms at any time.

The standout features that add the most value are the following.

  • Private lounge access that typically serves an elevated drinks menu and food throughout the day
  • Personalized check-in and check-out
  • Upgraded Mini-bar
  • Personal Concierge

Based on our experience, the Preferred Club is worth doing if you want a specific room category. Whether it be a bigger or more luxurious room type. The Preferred club as a standalone isn’t worth upgrading for.

Are you supposed to tip at Secrets Resorts?

Although the Secrets resorts list taxes and gratuities as being included in the cost of the all-inclusive package it is highly recommended to tip the staff throughout your stay. Typically we bring a few hundred dollars if we are staying for a week and tip the staff for meals, drinks, and generally good service.

What is the difference between Secrets and Zoëtry?

Both the Secrets and the Zoëtry resort belong to the AMResorts stable of brands. Each of the resorts is a 5-star all-inclusive offering. The Secrets is an adults-only offering while the Zoëtry is child friendly.

The Zoëtry resorts are more premium and that reflects the price point, but both resort brands are of a really high standard

What is the difference between Secrets and Dreams?

Both brands are part of the AMResorts collection. These brands are very similar in terms of their offers and price points. In a lot of instances, you will have Secrets and Dreams resorts in the same location. For example, the Bahia Mita resort has both Dreams and Secrets offerings within the same complex.

The main difference between the resorts is that the Secrets is an adults-only experience, while the Dreams is a family-friendly resort.

Are Secrets resort clothing optional?

Although you wouldn’t think this is a popular question. It is one that we get all the time. Secrets resorts are not clothing-optional resorts.