My Honest Review of the Dreams Bahia Mita – (2023)

Grade 4.0 out of 5 Stars 

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The Dreams Bahia Mita is a 5-star all-inclusive resort that is located close to the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico on the West coast of Mexico. The resort has 363 rooms and is located in the same complex as the Secrets Bahia Mita. The resort is quite luxurious and has a lovely aesthetic to it. It was only opened in August 2021, so everything is new and fresh.  


Around a 50-minute drive from Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport and the town of Puerto Vallarta. It is definitely a more remote location. You won’t be popping into town for a bite to eat. 

The resort is effectively located in a Jungle, which means that there is lovely vegetation and really impressive wildlife at your doorstep. 

Due to this resort being in quite a remote location, there aren’t a huge amount of organized excursions on offer. We actually preferred this setup as it forced us to explore the local area ourselves. We would recommend that you rent a car as all activities of note are at least a 30-minute drive away. 

Top Tips 

  • The Dreams resort is a family resort, but if you fancy an adults-only experience the Secrets Bahia Mita is right next door.  Given that this is a sister you can use the facilities, dine at the restaurants and experience the adults-only atmosphere on offer. 
  • Given the location of this complex, there is a large volume of bugs than we have experienced at other resorts.  It could have just been the time of the year, but there were a good few. Luckily they were relatively confined to the garden areas, so it’s not that much of an issue.  
  • Olio is the best restaurant in the resort. Serving up Mediterranean food, they really nail the dishes here. Everything is super tasty and the views in this rooftop location are something special. We recommend that you go to eat just before sunset, so you can take in the beautiful views as you dine. 
  • Reservations are not needed at most of the restaurants here. The only spot that you will need one for is the Teppanyaki experience. It’s quite difficult to get a spot here, so make sure to try and go early in the week. As it’s a great experience. 


When you pull up to the resort you will be met with truly stunning views of the resort, ocean, and mountain ranges below. The main area of the resort is on an elevation so the views of Banderas Bay and Marietas Island are very special.

There are more than enough check-in desks and the staff is pretty prompt in getting you through the process. You are offered a glass of prosecco or water and once the process is done you are taken for a tour around the resort. Make sure to do this. As the resort is really large. 

Is the Dreams Bahia Mita a family-friendly resort?

Yes, the Dream Bahia Mita is a family-friendly resort. Located in the same complex as the Secrets resort, if you’re looking for an adults-only experience the Secrets is the better option.  

The Dreams has a great offering for families with comprehensive kids clubs for kids aged between 3 – 17 years old.  For infants, they also offer a childminding service. There is an additional cost for this though. There are two kids clubs at the Dreams that cater to different age groups, so no matter what age your kids are, there should be an option for you. 

Kids Water Park at the Dreams

Explorers Club 

Available for kids aged between 3- 12 years old the club runs between the hours of 9 am – 10 pm Each day there is a range of different activities put on by the staff. The schedule is always varied and it’s sure to keep the kids entertained.  From tennis classes, video games,  treasure hunts, trivia games, and discos there is a huge range of activities.  

Core zone Club for Teens

Available for teenagers aged between 13 – 17 years old. The facilities here are really good. The activities include. 

• Arts and crafts

• Computers with Internet access

• Video games

• Mini disco

• Movie nights

• Sandcastle competitions

• Weekly campout adventures

• Storytelling and music



There are three pools at the Drema Bahia Mita that are available to all guests. The main pool, infinity pool, and the family pool with a kid’s area. 

There is also a preferred club rooftop pool, but you need preferred status to access this.  All of the pools on the resort are heated, so even if you’re visiting in winter you should have any issues with the temperatures of the pools. 

SkyBar at the Dreams


There are a number of courses that are located within an hour’s drive of the resort.  So, it’s not the most convenient resort if you plan on golfing quite a bit on your vacation.  

The Litibú Golf Course is the closest course and is around a 25-minute drive from the resort. We played here once when we visited and honestly the course wasn’t in great condition. It’s a par 72 course, designed by Greg Norman, so we were surprised with the poor-quality course when we played it. 

Your best option is definitely the El Tigre Club de Golf which is the best course in the area and is only a 35-minute drive from the resort.  This challenging course costs between $120 – $210 per round depending on the time of year and day that you plan on playing.  – 


The gym at the Dreams is a serious workout space.  As the resort was only built in the last year or so, all of the equipment is super new and state-of-the-art. All of the equipment is the Technogym brand and there is a great range of free and machine weights.

There are also classes that go on throughout the day. We highly recommend checking out the spinning class. Overall, though you can get a serious workout in with these facilities. 

Things to do during the day 

There is a full slate of activities that you can take part in throughout the day. The highlights for us were definitely the surf lessons. This resort is near some really great surfing areas, so make sure you give it a try. 

When you’re by the main pool the staff are also great at getting people involved in the activities. Each day there are things to do like water aerobics, volleyball, and water polo to name a few. 

Things to do during the night 

In the evenings the entertainment takes place in the amphitheater, which is a short walk away from the main area of the resort.  Some of the highlights are the Mariachi band and the silent disco. 

Does Dreams Bahia Mita have a swimmable beach?

Yes, the beach is very swimmable at the Bahia Mita. It is located in Banderas Bay which is a stunning location. You have the picturesque ocean with the backdrop of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. 

The only downside to the beach as that in parts it is a little bit rocky, but overall it’s a top-notch beach. The beach itself is on the smaller side and there are multiple layers to it because the resort is located on a hillside. The waters are quite calm though and the perfect place for a refreshing dip.  You can surf there though.


There is a Spa at the resort. Like the design throughout it is modernly kitted out with a lovely aesthetic. They have a full spa menu here and the token hydrotherapy pools. The spa is located in a really unique location. In the middle of the resort, there is an impressive circular fountain where waters cascade down about two stories.  The main area of the spa is located below the fountain, so you get the relaxing sounds of the cascading waterfall in a lot of the areas of the spa.  When we visited we did the hydrotherapy run as well as got a hot stone massage, which was really relaxing. 


The resort was very clean throughout. As it’s a new resort it hasn’t gone through any wear and tear. The staff is also on it, in regards to making sure the place is always immaculate.  

The housekeeping staff is also very prompt. They come twice during the day. Once in the mornings and then again in the evenings for turndown service. 


All of the rooms at the Dreams or the Secrets are of a really high standard. The aesthetic of the rooms is minimalist and very on-trend. It feels like all of the 5-stars that the resort is. Even the base category is really strong, so you really can’t go wrong with any choice. We do recommend getting a room with a tropical view though. As the views are stunning. 

There are around 10 different room variants you can choose from, but we have narrowed it down to our top choice with preferred club access and one without. 

Junior Suite 

This is the base offering at the Dreams and these suites are a really good size. Coming in at 544 sq. ft. the room has a nice large king-sized bed,  a seating area, and a really well-sized balcony. These suits have the capacity for 2 adults and one child (or two kids if they are on the younger side).

Ambition Suite 

This is a solid suite for families that want to have some lounging space within the room. There’s a lovely living and dining area. This suite comes with preferred status and is double the size of the Junior suite. It has the same capacity though of 2 adults and one child (or two kids if they are on the younger side).

Price Range

Given the standard of the resort, this is the Dream’s more affordable option. You definitely get bang for your buck at the Bahia Mita resort. During peak season, nightly rates for a Junior suite do average $400, but if you are strategic in when you book, you can bag yourself a bargain. 

What’s included in the all-inclusive package 

The majority of things at the resort are included in the all-inclusive package.  All food at the restaurants is available. There is one lounge that is only available to preferred club members that serves food, but everything else is available to all guests. 

Most drinks are included, the only caveat is that you can order a bottle of wine at dinner in some of the restaurants. House wine is included in the all-inclusive package. 

The fully stocked mini-bar and room service are also inclusive in the package.

Food + Restaurant Options 

There are a wealth of restaurant options to choose from at the Dreams with 4 restaurants to choose from. Couple that with the “Sip, Savour, See” feature. It allows you to dine at the sister Secrets resort. 

The Dreams resort is effectively on the same complex as the Secrets Bahia Mita, so that adds another 6 restaurants to the mix. As the Secrets is an adults-only experience.  It’s a great way of getting away from the kids for a night if you can make the arrangements. 

Ranking the Restaurants

  1. Himitsu  

No matter what Dreams or Secrets resort we go to Himitsu always delivers. The Himitsu at the Bahia Mita resort is no different. It’s a Pan-Asian spot that offers Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dishes. The sushi here is top-notch. A lot better than what you would expect to get at an all-inclusive resort. 

There is also a hibachi part of the restaurant. This is a great experience and the only restaurant that you need to make a reservation for. This can be done at the entrance to Himitsu in the morning time. 

  1. Seaside Grill 

Serving up everything you would expect from a beachside restaurant. Seaside grill does the basics well. The food here is very consistent and they serve up the likes of sandwiches, burgers, grilled fish, and meats. This restaurant is located outdoors so at times bugs can be an issue. Our top recommendation is the tuna tartare here. It’s a top-notch dish. 

  1. Barefoot Grill  

The Barefoot Grill is basically a carbon copy of the Seaside grill in terms of its menu. We would have liked to have seen a bit more variety here. Similar to the Seaside grill the dishes were consistent and tasty. So, no major complaints. 

  1. World Cafe 

This is the biggest restaurant in the resort and is the main buffet offering. Its open for all meals throughout the day and there is a huge array of food offerings available. The restaurant is so large it almost feels like a dining hall more than a restaurant, but the staff did manage to deliver decent quality on all of the dishes we tried. 

  1. El Patio 

The Mexican offering at this resort had high expectations for this restaurant as it’s always one of our favorite spots in the other Secrets resorts we have visited. The bones of a good restaurant are there. The menu is nice with some lovely traditional dishes, the vibe of the restaurant was very good, and the food was the only issue that we had. The ingredients they used tasted fresh, but the food came out to us lukewarm.  

The positive thing is that this is something that can be easily fixed, we imagine it’s just a timing thing and as the staff gets a few more weeks under their belts they will iron these kinks out. The flank steak we got was really well seasoned and the meat was good quality, so once they fix the timing they will be off to the races. 

Bars and Drinks Offering 

There is a nice range of drink options like all Dreams/Secrets resorts. All bars have a decent choice of top-shelf options. They do differ for a lot of the bars at the resort. We would have liked to have seen a standard offering across all of the bars. 

Some of the highlights from the top shelf offering were brands like Belvedere, Johnny Walker Black, and Hendriks. 

Sea Legs Bar at the Dreams

There are also fully stocked minibars that are included in all packages. They have soft drinks, water, beers, and snacks in them and are restocked daily. 

Is there a Dress Code in Place

There is a dress code in place for some restaurants. We wouldn’t say that the staff at the resort enforces it to the tee, but it’s better to be prepared and have the right attire before you travel. 

One of the positive things about the Dreams Bahia Mita is that a number of restaurants have outside seating. So, if the restaurant you are planning on going to a restaurant has a fancier dress code. You can always dine in the outdoor seating where the dress code doesn’t apply to this area. 


This is pretty much that you can wear anything that you want.  Most of the lunch and breakfast spots have a casual dress code. The only main callouts for things you can’t wear here are tank tops for the men and women must wear cover-ups if they are wearing bathing suits. 

Casual Elegance 

The difference here for men is that long pants are required. You can wear t-shirts or shirts, but again no tank tops.  For the women mostly anything goes.  


This was fairly straightforward in their definition of formal. For the menu, it was long pants and collared shirts. They said dress shoes in their descriptions, but I wore sneakers every time and had no issues.  For the women, it’s recommended that you wear either blouses, skirts, slacks or dresses, but again it’s pretty flexible. 

Is the Preferred Club Worth it?

At the Dreams Bahia Mita, the resort is quite condensed, so some of the areas can be a little crowded when the resort is near full capacity. That’s heightened if you are traveling with kids as you cant leverage the facilities and restaurants at the sistering Secrets Bahia Mita.  

Below are the main benefits we found from the Preferred club. Overall,  we wouldn’t say the preferred club is a necessity, but it’s nice to have.  

Private Beach and Pool Area 

As we mentioned the resort is quite condensed, so having an area that has reduced capacity is really nice.  The beach area at this resort is relatively small, so it’s nice to have a bit more privacy in this area. 

Access to the SkyBar Rooftop 

No matter which side of the resort you are on, whether it be the Dreams or Secrets this is an adults-only experience. This is definitely the most impressive part of the resort with an infinity pool that wraps around the whole area, with some stunning views of the ocean below. 

Access to the Skybar during peak hours is reserved for preferred club guests. Other guests can access the Skybar in the evenings, but the hours are pretty limited.

Upgrade Drinks Options 

The overall drinks offering at the Dreams is pretty good with some great international and premium brands on offer throughout the resort. If you are a preferred club guest you have access to an elevated list of drinks. 


When visiting an all-inclusive, tipping should be considered mandatory. The more pertinent question is how much should you tip. The amount will be based on two things. The quality of the service and your level of generosity.  We have yet to go to an all-inclusive where the service has not been good.  

Typically we budget around $50 dollars a day towards tipping.  We break out the tipping by drinks and by food. For each drink we order we tip $1. When eating we typically tip between $5 – $10 for sit-down meals. We also normally leave $5 a day for the house cleaning team.  


Overall, the Dreams Bahia Mita is a solid resort. They definitely had to iron out a good few kinks when it initially opened, but they are definitely coming into their stride.  

The fact that there is a family and adults resort in the same complex is pretty handy. It’s more beneficial though if you are traveling as a family. As the adults can dine in the Secrets side. 

The food, service, and aesthetic of the resort make this resort a winner. 


Q. Does the Dreams Bahia Mita offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. The Dreams does provide a shuttle service from the airport. This does come at an additional cost though.  

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, there is parking available at the resort. There are a lot of areas to be explored in the local area, so we recommend renting a car if you plan on seeing the local attractions.  There are tours available, but they are a little limited given the resort is a bit isolated.  

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wifi is available throughout the resort. We found that the connection was strong throughout.  You could stream Netflix pretty much anywhere on the resort.  The signal on the beach was actually ok too.