Beloved Playa Mujeres – A Comprehensive Overview – Everything you need to know

Grade – 4.5 stars out of 5 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Beloved Playa Mujeres is a boutique adults-only resort located in the Quintana Roo area of the Yucatan Peninsula. The resort has only 107 rooms available, so it is the perfect getaway location for couples looking for an adults-only experience. 

This impressive resort has everything that a high-end getaway should have. Chiq surrounds good food and fantastic service. Everything needed to reach peak relaxation.

The resort is a part of the excellence collection chain of resorts which include the Finest and Excellence brands. There are three separate hotels in the compound of resorts and each of them caters to a slightly different experience. Beloved is a perfect option for an adult’s only experience with a touch of class. It is widely considered the most premium option in the 13 hotels in the Playa Mujeres area and we see why it is widely considered the best resort in the region.   

Be sure to check out the resort’s opening and COVID precautions. Information can be found here.


Top Tips 

  • As the resort is pretty small, all of the buildings are close to the amenities and beaches. No matter where you stay there’s no treks to restaurants or the beach. If you’re looking for the closest room to the beach it is the Consentida building. So, we recommend mentioning when checking in
  • Make use of the beach Conciergerie. No request is too large at the Beloved. Not having to walk to the main lobby for your queries and questions is also a nice little perk. So, if you drinking a negroni on the beach, just stroll to the Conciergerieon the beach to have all your requests fulfilled
  • No reservations are needed for any of the 4 restaurants, so really switch off and enjoy the benefits of this boutique resort. This is something we really liked about the Beloved. Theres nothing less relaxing about queue for a restaurant at an all-inclusive
  • If there’s anything specific you want more or less in your mini-bar, be sure to reach out to the concierge and they are great and are tailoring to your every need
  • If you’re a fish lover, try the sushi bar just by the Lupita lounge. You’ll be impressed by the quality of the offering
  • One of the other benefits about this boutique resort is that there is no premium club offering. All of the guests can access all of the same amentites. We really liked this as when you are booking there is less consideration needed into what package you want and at the resort there are no addtionals or areas you cant access. It makes it a smoother more luxury experience


Like all Finest resorts, a check-in experience is an event in itself. You are presented with a wet towel and your bags are immediately whisked from your side and will meet you again when you arrive at your room. You are greeted with a glass of bubbly and taken through the check-in process swiftly. The staff are extremely helpful and make sure to provide a thorough overview of the resort.  As the resort is so small, you also never have any worries about waiting for check-in desks or service in general as the ratio of staff to guests is really high at the Beloved Playa Mujeres.


It’s conveniently located a very reasonable 25-minute drive to the center of Cancun, so you’re far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the nightlife to have a relaxing vacation while having the ability to hop in a taxi to dance the night away. 

It’s also just a 35-minute drive to Cancun International airport, so there are no long treks needed once your plane has touched down. The resort is located right on a nice sandy beach which is perfect for both relaxing dips in the ocean and a multitude of water activities offered by the resort. 

Playa Mujeres is our top location in the Cancun area and the resorts here are always super spacious and located on the beautiful Playa Mujeres beach, which is significantly nicer than the beach at the main hotel zone.

Is the Beloved a Child Friendly Resort?

The Beloved is a couples-only resort, so there are no kids allowed. If you are looking for a family resort in the same area, then you should look no further than the Finest Playa Mujeres. Both of these resorts are part of the Excellence chain of resorts and offer similar levels of luxury. Be sure to check out our overview of the Finest here. It ranked as one of the top family resorts that we have ever visited.


The resort has 3 pools meaning there is more than enough room for everyone even at full capacity. One thing to note on this is that the pools are not heated, but the scorching heat takes care of the water temperature levels most days. The non-heated pools also provide a refreshing break from the scorching Mexican climate. There is also 4 outdoor jacuzzi to warm you up in the late afternoon.

There is also a wide range of activities at the Beloved. From bike tours to kayaking and sailing you certainly won’t go bored during your stay. I’d highly recommend the cooking lessons, they’re good fun and a great way to get to know the other guests. The class we attended was teaching participants how to cook Mexican food. It was great to learn about the local cuisine from the locals. 

Several water activities are offered for free. These include kayaking, snorkeling, and paddleboarding. Jet ski and other water sport rentals are available for a fee. There are also tennis courts on-site and these courts can be booked with the concierge. 

The resort also schedules a wide range of classes throughout the week such as aerobics, cooking, dancing, pilates, water fitness, and yoga. 

The evening entertainment was well put together and there are no signs of cheesy Cabrera shows that we’ve experienced in other resorts. Our best night was sitting near the sushi watching the masterful Alberto prepare our sushi while we sipped on some spicy margaritas.   


The fitness facilities at the Beloved are definitely on the smaller side, but it will suffice for the majority of workout warriors out there. The gym included several treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, free weights, machine weights, and a studio area. There are also personal trainers on-site, so if you need the motivation you can book one at an additional cost.  


For the golf lovers out there, the Playa Mujeres golf course is located within the resort compound. It’s a par 72, Greg Norman-designed course that is perfect for the experienced and mid-tiered golfer. A lot of the hotels in the area do offer complimentary rounds with your stay, but a word of warning you will still need to pay for the golf cart, club rentals, etc. so it won’t be completely free. 


This is a perfectly acceptable beach, you’re not going to get the piercing turquoise oceans of Turks and Caicos, but this beach is a great place to soak up the sun. The Isla Mujeres island offers this beach a level of protection compared to the somewhat choppy beaches in the Cancun tourist zone. Sometimes some seaweed deposits show up on the beach, but the staff runs tractors a few times a day to clear it up. 

You’ll never have an issue getting a place at this resort as the capacity is super limited. The beach is the busiest area of the Beloved during the day, but don’t worry as there is more than enough space for everyone. There is a drinks service on the beach and it was always on point when we were there. What more does a person want. Sun, sea sand, and a long island iced tea. 

If you want to splash the cash there are private cabanas that are available for rental. They cost $50 (USD) a day. 


Photo by InspoVacay

The Beloved spa offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. Guests of the spa also have access to the hydrotherapy area to recharge even further. All treatments and therapies are at an additional cost. We highly recommend that you book before you travel as there are typically discounts offered if you book before traveling.  

As with a lot of elements to this resort, one of the standout features is its quietness of it. This carried through to the spa at the time we visited. There is a beautiful indoor/outdoor pool which we had to ourselves and made the spa experience even more relaxing.  

The Service  

Like all of the resorts in the Excellence collection, service is the standout feature and the Beloved is no different. Due to the limited capacity and the seemingly never-ending amount of staff. You are never far away from a staff member trying to assist you. The personal touches the staff added to our stay were really what differentiates the Beloved from most higher-tiered all-inclusive resorts. 

From the staff making an effort to learn your name to the bartender remembering our drinks order at the bar at the Lupita Lounge, it was an experience to remember. We’d like to specifically call out Enrique from the pool bar that was a barrel of laughs and always had our drink orders on the ready.

Once you check into a restaurant for your evening meal. The room cleaning team is tipped off to prepare your room for the evening and to leave those tasty chocolate treats on your pillow. 


Overall the resort was spotless. There was always staff around to make sure the place was spic and span. Rooms were cleaned twice daily which was great and the resort makes a conscious effort on being environmentally conscious.

This was exhibited by a leaflet in the bathroom telling guests that if they left their towels on the floor that they would be replenished but if they hung them up they would be left. This is a simple thing and something most resorts and hotels are doing, but it was positive to see this being done. 

Price Range + Packages 

Beloved is a premium resort and the prices reflect the experience you’re getting. Don’t get me wrong it’s not as pricey as some of the Cabo resorts we’ve reviewed previously, but for the Cancun area, it’s one of the priciest options. 

There is a wide range of rooms and package types available depending on the experience you want. As with all of these resorts, it’s most cost-effective to travel in the non-peak seasons, so if you’re looking to find yourself a bargain for the Beloved be sure to travel between September – November.

What’s included in the all-inclusive package 

Onsite food and beverages are included in the room price. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as unlimited snacks and room service, so you definitely won’t go hungry. Food and beverages All buffet, à la carte meals, snacks, beverages, 24-hour room service In-room minibar (all beverages included) In-room liquor dispensers Activities and facilities/equipment are included in the price you pay. 

There’s a wide range of drinks available from cocktails at the pool bars to high-end spirits at the main lobby bar. My one call out would be that there was a pretty limited selection of beer available. Dos Equis and Sol were the only options available when we stayed there.  

Tips and taxes are included. Additional tips at the guests’ discretion are accepted. Like every all-inclusive resort, we suggest tipping waiters, bar staff, and cleaners as gratitude for their service. 

Food + Restaurant Options 

With 4 restaurants 1 food truck and a cafe, the Beloved focuses on high-quality experiences across the limited selection of restaurants. The food on offer is definitely of a high standard. Does it meet the description of being fine dining…. Probably not, but considering the scale that these hotels operate the Beloved puts out a pretty consistent offering. 

With all-inclusive resorts in general the expectation is that the food may not always be of a consistent standard, but Beloved delivered consistently high-quality food for our entire stay. 

The other benefit of this boutique resort is that there are no reservations needed at the restaurants, so no worries about not being able to get a table at your favorite spot on your last night.

Ranking the Restaurants

1. Le Bisou

Categorized as a contemporary French restaurant this was our top choice from the four main restaurants that were on over. The service here was impeccable, so that probably pushed Le Bisou ahead of Lupita in the rankings.

Breakfast is offered at Le Bisou in the form of a buffet and the food was of high quality like all of the restaurants on this resort. Freshly made-to-order omelets can also be ordered at the breakfast service.

Dinner is where the restaurant shines with a great choice of dishes made to a high standard. The seafood risotto was simply delicious. 

2. Lupita Steakhouse

Steaks in all-inclusive can be hit or miss, but at the Beloved, they manage to deliver on this staple dish. A good steak comes down to the produce that is being used and it’s clear that the cuts of meat that the Beloved are sourcing are of high quality. 

In our review of the Beloved sister hotel, the Finest Playa Mujeres their steakhouse was poorly rated by us and it was down to the cuts of meat being used. Either they switched suppliers in the time we visited or the Beloved sources higher quality meats. For a full review of the Finest Playa Mujeres check out our review here.  

The rib eye we ordered was simply delicious and Lupita steakhouse is a real treat and should be tried as soon as you arrive, so you can return later in the week. 

3. El Mar 

The best restaurant location on the resort. Located on the beach, the restaurant provides stunning views of the ocean as you dine al-fresco in the open air. El mar serves a wide range of dishes from wood-fired pizzas, fresh seafood as well as an extensive vegetarian menu. 

El Mar is the best choice for lunch as it’s conveniently located on the beach so it’s a short stroll from your cabana to your chow-down spot. 

4. La Isla Trattoria

This poolside ocean view option was sadly a bit underwhelming. The location and the staff were top quality. The food was sadly not great. La Isla Trattoria offers Italian cuisine and there is some crossover to the menu items in El Mar. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. We didn’t have a nice lunch here one of the days and we would recommend having the veal lasagna if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bars and Drinks Offering 

With 7 bars and lounges in the Beloved, you’ll have no reason not to have a drink in hand. Our favorite bar area was the Sushi and Ceviche Lounge located at the Lupita lounge. It was my idea of heaven, sushi, and cocktails. What more can a person ask for.  

All the bars and lounges carry premium spirits and the bartenders can make every cocktail under the sun. For some reason, if the bartenders don’t know the cocktail they will happily take requests. The range of spirits available was very good. There was a pretty limited selection of beers with only Sol and Dos Equis and the house wine selection was pretty basic, but overall there should be more than enough choice to wet your whistle.

Rooms Types

There is a wide range of rooms on offer from the swim-up suites to multi-level rooms with rooftops. The space in all of these rooms is what is super impressive with the smallest room in the resort coming in at a staggering 960ft². These are massive rooms. The aesthetic and design choices in the rooms are also stunning. They have a modern toned back vibe to them which makes for a really relaxing environment. They’re pure luxury.

There are 9 different suite types that you can choose from. We have featured four of the suites which are at a value, expensive, and baller price tag.

Junior Suite


These are potentially the largest standard rooms we have seen at any resort coming in at 960ft². They are perfect for any occasion and while this is the most basic in the resort, it’s honestly all you need. We wouldn’t say you need the bigger suites. Unless you really want to treat yourself.

Swim-Up Suite

These are pretty comparable to the Junior suites. They are a tiny bit bigger with the Swim-Up suite coming in at 1098ft². The layout of the room is pretty much the same with the bathroom behind the bedroom and a small lounge area. The main difference comes with the swim-up pool just outside the suite.

Two Story Casita Suite with Plunge Pool

These suites aren’t too dissimilar to the junior suites. The main difference here is a super impressive rooftop with a lovely small pool. If you like privacy and don’t fancy sitting by the pool, then this is a solid option.

The Owner’s Suite

With only one suite in the resort, you will be paying a hefty sum to stay here, but if you are willing to break the bank, you will get the swankiest suite in the resort. It’s 4498ft² which is so big. There’s a huge lounge, dining area two outdoor terraces, a beautiful bedroom, and a bathroom.


Beloved Playa Mujeres should be viewed as the marque adults-only resort in the Cancun area. It delivers on the holy trinity that all-inclusive resorts strive for. That is a good standard of food that is consistently delivered, a relaxed and uncrowded feel to the resort, and impeccable service. The Beloved manages to deliver on all these three for an experience that is worth the premium price. 

There are a few negatives to the resort such as the minimal choice of restaurants and the remote location of the resort, but I wouldn’t let these elements dissuade you from staying at the Beloved. We at InspoVacay highly recommend a stay here. The resort is best suited for couples that are willing to spend a premium for a boutique resort. 


Q. Does the Beloved Playa Mujeres offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. Yes, a shuttle service from the airport can be requested. They do advise that you ring before your trip to check availability. There is an additional price for the shuttle. If you book through a travel agent transfers are usually included, so be sure to double-check

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guests and it is complimentary 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available to you in your suite as well as throughout the resort. Wi-Fi is complimentary. Guests also have free calls to the USA & Canada through the phone in their room.

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. There are multiple tours in the local area. You can book tours online or through the travel excursions desk that is located on the ground floor of the main building opposite the Tapas restaurant. Some of the available tours are fishing trips, cruises, tours of the Tulum Mayan Ruins, and Xel-Ha Natural Park.