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Review of Ikos Dassia – An Honest Review

Grade 4.2 Stars out of 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


The Ikos Dassia is a 5-star all-inclusive resort that is located on the Greek Island of Corfu.

Opened in June 2017. The resort has 403 rooms, so is definitely on the bigger side, but you never feel like you are in a resort of this size because of the multiple buildings and amenities available throughout the resort. It’s really well spaced out and the beach is quite long. 

Being an all-inclusive the price you initially pay is effectively your total holiday cost, so while when you see the cost of the resort you may think it’s on the pricier side for the service and all-inclusive side we found it to be reasonably priced. 

Our review is based on our experiences at the Ikos Dassia staying in a Deluxe junior suite. 


Located on the idyllic island of Corfu it’s just a 15-minute drive from Corfu international airport. Corfu is one of the Greek islands that is one of the more northerly islands of Greece. The resort site is on the east side of the island in the village of Dassia. The Ikos Dassia is a very convenient location for getting in and out of. A taxi from the airport to Ikos Dassia will cost around €30. If you’re wanting to get a taxi into the main area of Corfu it will also set you back around €30.

Top Tips 

  • If you are staying in a Deluxe room there are a number of benefits that are a little bit under the radar. One of these is a complimentary neck and back massage in the spa. Each adult that stays in a deluxe room can avail of one massage per trip.  Which is a really great benefit. One of the other things that you need to make the most of is the personal concierge. We noticed that the personal concierges seem to have access to restaurant reservations when they were none available through the app. So make sure to book everything through your concierge as they will have priority. 
  • Every evening at 7pm there is a sunset cruise that is complimentary to guests. It’s a lovely way to get the perfect view in for the sunset and you’ll get a nice glass of bubbly on board to sip on as you take in the sunset.
  • At the Ikos resorts they really put emphasis on getting out of the resort and exploring the local culture. This is done with three benefits.  First you have the opportunity to use one of the hotel’s cars (Mini One) to drive around for the day.  All you need to rent this complimentary is a valid driver license. Try and book this before your stay as these cars can get booked up quickly.  The other way they incentivize you to explore the local community is through the “Dine Out” experience, which gives you access to three local restaurants at no additional cost. Finally to take in some local culture, there are a number of attractions that you receive free passes to. These can be things like museums and art galleries. 
  • If you have an evening flight on the day you are leaving, one of the good things about the resort is that you can continue to use the facilities on the day that you check out.  So, drop your bags at reception and continue to enjoy all of the amenities that the resort has to offer. There are even courtesy shower rooms that can be used to get cleaned up before your trip home. 


Once we stepped through the front entrance we almost felt like a wave of relaxation hit us. We at InspoVacay are seasoned all-inclusive travelers and when we step into a resort we get those vibes, we know we’re in for something special.

The first thing that greeted us was a beaming member of staff that provided us with a cold towel and offered us a cold beverage as we checked in. Wanting to make the most of the vacation we immediately obliged. 

There was a check-in desk available and we immediately were seen to. The staff took our obligatory details and began explaining the layout of the resort and all of the amenities that we had at our disposal. 

They directed us to download the Ikos app where all of the resort information and reservations for the restaurant and spa can be made. As we were staying in a deluxe room they provided us with the contact information for our personal concierge. They also did a great job at thoroughly explaining the additional benefits we had as deluxe guests, which was very helpful. The whole process took around 20 minutes and we were whisked to our rooms where our bags were ready and waiting for us. 

Resort Layout

The resort is laid out in quite an interesting way. Typically with these resorts, there is normally one main building and then a number of smaller buildings scattered throughout with the rooms, restaurants, and amenities. The Ikos Dassia is a little different.  It has two main buildings where both buildings have their own check-in, lobby, and bars and restaurants. The buildings are called the “Sea” and the “Sky”.  

We actually kind of liked the separation between the two. It meant that the reception area was never too busy as people were being funneled to either of the buildings depending on where their room would be allotted. It is a little bit of a walk between the two resorts, so if you’re going for a meal or a drink in the other building it takes some time.  There are buggies that run to and from each resort, so you can always hope in one if you don’t fancy walking. 

One callout that we did have on the buildings is that if you do have an inland view room be sure to ask for your room to be in the Sky building as most of the inland view rooms in the Sea building are overlooking the road.  

Is the Ikos Dassia family-friendly resort?

The Ikos Dassia is a family-friendly resort, with a wide range of features to make your family’s vacation run as smooth as possible. From an extensive kids and teens club to some great food and entertainment options for the kids. There is no doubt that all the family will feel relaxed.  Hotel child prices apply to children aged between 2–11 years.

Kids Club Options

Heros Kids Club (Free of charge)

(Ratio: 1 adult: 8 children)

Open between the hours of 10 am – 6 pm there are multiple sessions that run throughout the day. This kids club is available for kids that are aged from 4 to 11 years old. Although some extra activities may incur an additional charge, such as for water sports or ice cream trips. The majority of activities are included in the cost of the all-inclusive.

Just 4 Teens (Free of charge)

(Ratio: 1 adult: 12 children)

The perfect place for teenagers to chill out for the day with an arcade and a host of things for them to do. Just for teens is suitable for teens aged 12+

Heroes Crèche (Additional Costs Apply)

(Ratio: Ages 4–23 months: 1 adult: 3 children / Ages 2–3 years: 1 adult: 4 children)

On average the sessions cost around €30 per child, but the price is dependent on the age range. If you book multiple sessions in a day then it only costs €50. This is the perfect option if you want to drop off the kids and have a few hours by the adult’s pool or to go for a nice meal in the evening. 

The kids club here is run by Worldwide Kid, which is an external company that manages the kids club. We found them to be very good. The staff was great with the kids and the entertainment schedule they had in place was great. 


There is a wide range of activities and amenities on offer at the Ikos Dassia. From tennis and basketball courts, non-motorized water sports, biking, a well-stocked gym, and the ability to explore the local area with a free rental car. There is a huge amount on offer. 

There is also a shuttle bus that runs a few times a day into the main area of Corfu, which is only a short drive away. Probably our favorite thing to do was to use the complimentary bikes that the resort provided to go for a quick cycle around the resort.  


With 7 pools throughout the resort, there are more than enough spots to find a quiet spot by the pool. There are two adult pools, a water park, a kids pool, the two main pools an indoor pool, and the spa pool. Although the resort is on the bigger side, we never had any issues getting a spot by the pool given the abundance of them. We really liked the varied choice of pools that catered to different experiences, which seemed to be a running theme throughout the Ikos Dassia.


There are two Gyms in the Ikos Dassia with one in the Sea building and one in the Sky building. The gym in the Sky building is definitely the better offering. Some of the equipment was out of use in the Sea building when we visited. Both gyms are well equipped with modern equipment that will allow you to get any workout you would like. 


There is no golf course directly connected to the resort and there are limited options of places to golf around Corfu. Greece in general as a country doesn’t have a huge amount of golf courses

Things to do during the day/night 

The entertainment that is on offer is definitely more subdued compared to other all-inclusive resorts we have visited. We actually preferred the setup the Ikos Dassia had. The focus was more on live music for the evening entertainment and exercise classes during the day. You can also make use of the wealth of amenities on offer too.

There was also a shuttle bus that ran a couple of times throughout the day to Corfu. Although we didn’t leave the resort on that many occasions, we were able to jump in the shuttle bus and explore Corfu.  


It’s a lovely spot here at the Ikos Dassia. The beach itself is very long coming in at 400 meters and there is more than enough space to find a sun lounger or private spot to kick back in for the day. There are drinks and food services on the beach which really adds that level of luxury. Similar to the pools there are adults only and deluxe guest-only designated parts of the beach.


There is a lovely spa that’s available at Ikos Dassia. Like all of the spas in the Ikos collection, it is done in partnership with Anne Semonin. The treatments at the spa do come at an additional cost. There is a full spa menu on offer as well as hair and nail treatments. 

The price for treatments at the spa actually wasn’t the worst. As it’s a 5-star resort we were expecting a 1-hour massage to be a few hundred euro, but we were glad to see that the cost was around 120 euro. 

The one negative we had about the spa was that it was quite difficult to get an appointment, so be sure to book your treatments before you travel. 

The Service  

Although the service was good it was not as strong as some of the other Ikos resorts we have visited.  The check-in process was very smooth and our personal concierge was really good with helping us with bookings, drinks, and food orders and generally just making sure our vacation flowed really smoothly.  

There were a few experiences that we had that left us a little bit disappointed in the experience.  One of the glaring issues that we ran into was when we were trying to make use of the local experiences package.  

When we went to reception and asked if we could get the vouchers for the local places of interest that they advertised as part of the stay. The staff had no idea what we were talking about. I’m not sure if something was lost in translation, but the member of staff we were dealing with had zero ideas of this feature. We eventually left and decided to send a WhatsApp message to the concierge and he sorted us out in a matter of minutes. 

One of the other issues that we ran into was that the housekeeping staff were a little inconsistent in the times that they would clean our room. Although they did come every day. We typically like to see consistency in the times that they come and sadly they never really delivered on this. 


Throughout the resort, it was very clean. The staff was on it in regards to clearing up empty glasses or any rubbish that was left behind. Although we did review this resort prior to Covid, we can only imagine the precautions that they have taken into account when reopening.  

We do have to give a shout-out to the cleaning staff who were super. Like clockwork, they would appear every day at the same time to clean the room. It was always around lunchtime, so we could plan our day around that if we wanted to chill out in the room. 

Booking during Covid 

The Ikos chain of hotels has a number of procedures and protections in place to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Their Covid policy is called the “Infinite Care” policy and has a host of features. Before booking it’s worth double-checking that these are still in place.

Free Antigen testing on arrival 

Once you arrive at the resort you will receive a complimentary antigen test to take. Although guests aren’t required to perform an antigen test, it’s highly recommended from the Ikos that guests do use them. PCR tests can also be organized if you need one before returning to your home country, but this does come at an additional cost. 

Multiple Al Fresco dining options 

One of the great things about the Ikos resorts is that most of the restaurants have outdoor dining options as well as doors that open out to bring the outside in. 

Touchless elements throughout the resort 

The Ikos resort has really thought about the physical touchpoints that guests go through on a day in the resort. They have really optimized every area, by adding sensors to doors that open automatically, regular sanitization to door handles, and reduced points of access to name a few. 

Deposit Refund Commitment Scheme 

Currently, for stays in 2021, there are free cancellations up to 2 weeks prior to arrival as well as the full deposit refund too. There is no information regarding vacations in 2022, so be sure to double-check with the Ikos, to see if this benefit is still available. 


Overall the rooms are very nicely designed and well sized. If you have been to an Ikos or Sani resort before, the design and layout will be very familiar to you. There are also a nice array of rooms on offer to suit every vacationer’s needs. 

The one issue that we heard with some of the rooms is that a lot of the restaurants and bars are located on the top floors of both the buildings. If you happen to have a room on the floor beneath the restaurants or the bars, it can be quite loud. So if you arrive and get a room on the second-highest floor, we would suggest moving.  

Double Room 

This is the standard room in the resort, but it’s actually a pretty decent option for a couple or two friends. Coming in at 23 sqm the double room is comparable to a typical hotel room.  With a large bed, a small seating area, and a nice balcony. If your child is small enough you could potentially fit a cot in the room, but it’s worth checking with the resort before booking as the max occupancy for this room is stated as 2 adults. 

There are also Superior Double rooms on offer which have an additional 2 sqm of space. There is a small seating area and desk in these rooms.  

Junior Suite 

Coming in at 35sqm these rooms can cater for 3 adults or 2 adults and one child.  These suites are quite similar to the double room with the main difference being that there is a good-sized seating area with a pull-out bed in it. This is a perfect room for 3 friends or a family with one child.  

The Junior Suite is also available as a Panorama Junior Suite, which is interestingly the same size as the junior suite from a square meter standpoint. Where it differs is that the room is longer than it is wide. This means that you get a great long balcony with sea views. The room’s capacity is also a little better as you’re allowed to have 2 adults and 2 kids in this suite.

You can also get this room as part of the Deluxe collection. 

One-Bedroom Suite 

This suite is super spacious coming in at 50sqm. This suite can easily fit 2 adults and 3 children. The bedroom and the main living area are separated from each other, so this is a great choice if you want a level of separation between the areas. 

Two-Bedroom Suite/Bungalow 

These are one of the largest categories of rooms in the resort and come in a few different forms. They are really big rooms and range from 85sqm for the base two-bedroom suite and go up to 110sqm for the Bungalow Suite with private pool. The occupancy of these rooms ranges from 6-7 people with the max number of adults being 4. This room is only available as a deluxe offering.

Three Bedroom Bungalow 

This is effectively a house and fits up to 7 people and comes in at 170sqm, so it’s close to double that of its next nearest suite. 

Price Range + Packages 

The Ikos Dassia is definitely a premium resort and you do pay a pretty penny to stay here, but given the sheer luxury of the resort, we really do feel like the cost of entry is worth it. For example, 7 nights in May, which is a decent time of year to travel, averages around €2,000 for a standard double room. While if you compare that to booking in October you will save a few hundred euros on the cost. These prices are based on booking a good few months in advance on the Ikos website.  As always we suggest shopping around to find the best price, as sometimes going through a travel agent can work out cheaper. 

What’s included in the all-inclusive package 

The package at the Ikos chain of resorts is one of the most extensive offerings of all of the resorts we have reviewed. Pretty much most of the things that you see around the resort are included in the package. All of the food, drinks, use of amenities, and entertainment are included in the price you pay. There are literally a handful of caveats like the treatments at the spa and the rental of some of the water activities.  

There are also fully stocked mini-bars in each room that are included. These mini bars are restocked daily and have softs drinks, wine, beers, spirits, and waters in them. If you are staying in a deluxe room or ask really nicely if you’re in a standard room. The staff can cater your mini-bar to your likings. 

Food + Restaurant Options 

With 7 restaurants throughout the resort, you won’t be short on places to eat. Unlike other all-inclusive resorts we have visited, most of the dining options here are ala carte with only one buffet restaurant on site. The Ikos is also really good at catering to different dietary requirements.  Whether you are vegan or vegetarian there are a number of options at all of the restaurants.  The allergy listing on the menu is also quite good and all of the restaurants have separate kids menus on offer. 

The Ikos chain of resorts puts a strong emphasis on providing top-quality food options and the Ikos Dassia is no different. All of the a la carte restaurants have menus that have been cultivated by Michelin-starred chef. Although they are not working in these restaurants, it is good to know that the dishes and flavor combinations were devised by chefs with serious chops.

If you have visited an Ikos resort already you are probably aware of their “Dine Out” feature. This great benefit lets you sample the local cuisine outside of the resort for no extra cost. There are a few restaurant options to choose from and you just need to book with reception before going. 

Ranking the Restaurants

  1. Ouzo

Being that the resort is in Greece, the expectations were very high for their Greek restaurant. I’m delighted to say that our expectations were met and then some at Ouzo. The food here was really good. The menu was curated by Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarou and the execution of the dishes was very good.  Ouzos is located right on the beachfront, so it’s a lovely location for an early evening meal to catch the sunset as you chow down. 

  1. Anaya 

Located in the sea building, this Asian restaurant has a mix of dishes from a variety of countries. With Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese food, there is a lot on offer at Anaya. The setting of this restaurant was also really nice and the atmosphere was really nice. The food also hit the spot too with our favorite dishes being the pad thai and the tuna tartare. 

  1. Kerkyra

Serving up the cuisine of Corfu, this restaurant is situated in a really picturesque spot overlooking the sea. The menu obviously has an overarching Greek feel to it and we really enjoyed the food here. Some of our highlights were the Mussel and fennel risotto and the slow-cooked lamb.

  1. Fresco

This is an Italian-style restaurant whose menu is curated by the Michelin starred Chef Ettore Botrini. There are the typical choices of pizzas and pasta like any Italian. We really enjoyed our meals at Fresco,  although we were disappointed with this offering at some of the other Ikos resorts we visited. Fresco at the Ikos hit it out of the park. The food was very good here but what really hit it out of the park was that the service here was really super.  We have to give a specific shout-out to Spiros the manager at Fresco that was top-notch.  

  1. Provence

Only open for dinner it’s one of the few restaurants on the resort that doesn’t have all-day service. This French restaurant is pure luxury. With a really nice aesthetic and a choice of traditional French dishes you won’t be far off thinking you are dining in a local Parisian Brasserie.  The beetroot salad was really refreshing and the steak was super tender and cooked in a beautiful rich peppercorn sauce.  

  1. Ergon Deli

Although this restaurant is called a Deli it is far removed from our typical understanding of what a deli is. The Ergon Deli is a sit-down restaurant that has a beautifully crafted menu of Greek-style dishes.  The lamb kebab was top-notch. 

They also have a late-night menu here, so it’s the perfect spot to grab a bedtime snack after one too many drinks. 

  1. Flavors 

Another restaurant with truly stunning views of the Ionian Sea, this buffet-style restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For lunch and dinner, they serve Mediterranean-style food, but there is a wide enough choice to satisfy anyone’s taste palettes. There are actually two flavors of restaurants. One in each of the buildings at the resort. The offerings are carbon copies of each other. 

We only ate in the Flavours in the Sea building, but we found the food to be pretty good. The restaurant was a little noisy, but that was our only complaint. 

Room Service

Available 24/7, the menu that’s on offer is very extensive. You can also order drinks for the room as well. There are kids and toddler options too so they really have the whole family accounted for. We ordered breakfast a few times and ordered the night before so we could guarantee a delivery time we wanted.

Bars and Drinks Offering 

In total there are 6 bars in Ikos Dassia. Of these 6 there is one adults-only pool bar and a deluxe guest-only bar. All of the other bars are open to all guests.  

There is a great selection of alcohol on offer. Throughout all of the bars, the base offering is quite good. They have all your favorites from Absolut Vodka, Baileys, Jameson, Bombay, Dissarono to name a few. For beers, they have Heiniken and Alfa on draft. 

If you are staying in a Deluxe room you will have access to some top-shelf options in some of the bars and your mini-bar. Taittinger champagne is basically on tap. They also have Plymouth Gin, Johnny Walker Black, Chivas Regal,  Grey Goose, and Belvedere as some of the premium options. 

If wine is your drink of choice then the Ikos Dassia is the resort for you. Normally at all-inclusive resorts, the wine selection that is included in the packages is really limited and you have to pay a premium for good wine.  At the Ikos Dassia, they have a feature called the wine cave. With the Wine cave, you can choose from over 300 bottles of wine. There is a sommelier (Anastasios) on-site to guide you in the perfect pairings when you’re dining. Access to the wine cave is included in all packages for the Ikos Dassia. Features like this take the Ikos Dassia a notch above the competition. 

Is the Deluxe Status Worth it?

There are a host of benefits that you get with Deluxe status. Some add real value and others are features for the sake of features.  Overall, we felt that the benefits from the Deluxe status did not warrant the additional cost. On average the Deluxe rooms cost around 30% more than standard rooms. The benefits that we saw were as follows. 

Private Beach and Pool area 

The beach and pool areas can get a little busy in peak months and the capacity in the Deluxe suites is limited compared to the space they have in the private areas. You are guaranteed to get a spot by the pool or a sun lounger on the beach at any time throughout the day. 

Bottle of Tattinger on Arrival 

On the day you arrive, you will be greeted with a cold bottle of Tattinger in your room to really kick off your vacation in style. It’s a nice touch to the Deluxe offering, but not really a standout for us. 

Private Concierge 

This is definitely the standout feature for us. Mainly due to our experience that the restaurants can be a little hard to get reservations for if the resort is near peak capacity. For the personal concierge, you’ll actually be given their WhatsApp number to contact them with bookings that you want to make.  So whether you want to make a restaurant reservation in Ouzo for the night ahead of or a spa booking in the morning. The concierge can usually get you in, even when places look to be booked out on the app. 

Overall,  although we enjoyed our stay in the Deluxe Suite and the privileges that come with these rooms we didn’t feel like it was 100% necessary to have it. Deluxe suites cost on average around 25% more than their comparable standard suites, and we don’t believe the value is there for that price. 


At InspoVacay we believe that Tipping should be considered mandatory. Although tipping in Greece is not as prevalent as resorts in South America or the Caribbean. It should still be considered mandatory to tip throughout your stay. 

We always budget a certain amount per day for tips. We typically tip with our first round of drinks and tip around 1 euro per drink. So if we think we will have a few rounds we normally give 5 euro at the start. For meals, we tip between 5 – 10 euro depending on the mealtime and the quality of the service. This usually resulted in us tipping 5 euro for breakfast, lunch, and 10 euro for dinner as the service was consistently good.

When is the best time to book the Ikos Dassia 

If you’re looking for purely the most cost-effective time to visit the Ikos Dassia then October is definitely the time to visit. Prices are cheapest around this time of year.  The one risk that you run with booking during October is that the weather can be hit or miss. On average in October Corfu gets rain 7 days out of the month and the average temperature will be a high of 23° and a low of 14°. 

If you’re conscious of the weather and still want a decent price then September is probably your best bet. Schools will just be back, so there won’t be as many kids around and the weather is a lot more consistent. If you’re a family with kids in school this probably won’t suit you, but for couples or a group of friends, this is a great option. 


Overall you really can’t go wrong with a visit to the Ikos Dassia. We were really impressed with the overall experience that we had here.  From the food, service, aesthetic of the resort, and the emphasis that the Ikos puts on exploring the local communities, it’s really a top-quality offering. 

Although this resort is not an adults-only offering, if you’re looking for a getaway as a couple or a group of friends we wouldn’t let the family aspect put you off staying at this lovely resort. The Ikos Dassia does a great job at catering to the experiences. The kids/family areas and the adult areas are very separated with separate pools, adults-only options, and specific room locations. 

It’s one of the strongest luxury options for families in Greece, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for your next luxury holiday. 


Q. Does the Ikos Dassia offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. The resort can facilitate transportation from the airport, but you are probably best just getting a taxi. The resort is just a 15-minute drive from the airport and a taxi ride should cost around 30 euros. 

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guests and it is complimentary 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole resort.  We found that the strength of the signal was very good throughout. In the room, you could stream Netflix and take zoom very easily without the connection dropping.  There was enough signal by the pool to take calls and receive messages, but streaming was a bit inconsistent.