Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres – A Comprehensive Overview

The Majestic Elegance is a decent offering in the Costa Mujeres area. Below is a complete overview of everything the resort has to offer.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 out of 5 Stars


The Majestic Elegance resort is a 5-star all-inclusive resort that only opened in 2019. It is located in Costa Mujeres and is a great addition to the area. There is a lot of competition in the Playa/Costa Mujeres area, so we were very keen to understand what the Majestic was all about and if it’s worth a visit for your next vacation. 

There are 570 rooms on this resort and it caters well to families, couples, and groups of friends. The resort has a lovely aesthetic and decor to it. It’s very boutique and super modern in its design. There are two distinct areas to the resort. The adult side and the family-friendly side. The adult area is known as the Elegance Club (Adults Only 18+). While the family side of the resort is simply known as the family section. So, it’s pretty easy to distinguish the two. 


Located in the area of Costa Mujeres in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The resort is only a 35-minute drive from Cancun international airport and a 25-minute drive from downtown Cancun. We like the location of Costa/Playa Mujeres as it’s close enough to Cancun that you can get in and out by taxi, but far enough away that the resorts in this area aren’t full of party resorts. 

If you plan on going to Cancun a few times during your vacation, then we would recommend considering a resort closer to the action. The main hotel zone probably will suit you better. 

Top Tips 

  • To really maximize the amount of time that you have at the resort, we highly recommend arriving early on your first day and leaving late on your last. The great thing about the Majestic and most all-inclusive resort is that you can make the most of the amenities,drinks and food on the whole day you arrive and leave. So, you can really squeeze every drop out of your vacation if you get your timings right. They also have changing rooms and showers just off the main reception area which is a perfect spot to get sorted when you arrive or when you’re leaving and you have already checked out
  • The bathrooms in most of the rooms have a limited amount of privacy, so if you are staying with friends or family it might not be the most ideal setup
  • This is a resort that has embraced technology, which we love to see. Room service can be ordered from the TV and the full schedule/entertainment is updated on the TV everyday, which is super convenient
  • Only two of the restaurants take reservations here, so for the more popular restaurants there can be queues when the resort is near peak capacity. It would be alot easier if all of the restaurants had a booking system in place. So, if you do want to eat at the busier restaurants, which are the Italian and the steakhouse. Then we suggest going early at around 6pm to get a table
  • The Elegance Club Plunge suites are by far the best suites on the resort. They are pricey, but they are so impressive and pretty decent value for the standard of room that you get
  • If you’re looking for a room where you’ll have the highest level of privacy and are the quietest then your best bet is building 1000 on the adults side of the resort and building 6000 in the family side of the resort. Both of these buildings face the exterior of the resort. So, the Ocean or exterior view rooms should fit your bill
  • This resort has no timeshares on it. This is great as one of our pet peeves about resorts is when you are constantly sold on buying a time-share. At the Majestic Elegance you don’t need to worry about that


The check-in process at the Majestic is super smooth. Your bags are immediately taken from you by the bellhops and you are greeted with a glass of bubbly or anything of your choice.

There are tons of check-in desks, so we couldn’t imagine anyone arriving and having to wait too long. If you arrive in the morning time and your room isn’t quite ready there are changing rooms to get ready in. So if you want to go chill by the pool or just get out of the clothes you’re traveling in you can do that there. Check-in time for the Majestic is 3 pm. 

If you are an elegance club guest there is a separate entrance and check-in area for you. One of the nice touches about the Elegance club check-in area is that there is a small snack and drinks area that you can make use of while you’re waiting. They have coffees, fresh pastries, and soft drinks to take as you please. This is actually a great spot to pick up some supplies if you are leaving the resort for excursions or anything else. 

Is the Majestic Elegance a family-friendly resort?

Yes, the Majestic is a family-friendly resort. The resort is broken out into two areas. The family side and adults/Elegance club side. An important thing to note is that a lot of the facilities are shared. 

The resort overall is more of an adults orientated resort with 70% of the rooms being adults only. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t consider this resort if you are traveling with a family. There are a number of great benefits to making your kids and your own getaway super special. 

There is a kids club here with an extensive program. It’s open from 9 am to 9 pm and there is a huge range of activities to keep the kids entertained. Things like face painting, craft time, and building sandcastles are all activities. The teens club area is quite small. They have gaming consoles and a Foosball table and that was pretty much it. We wouldn’t consider it the strongest offering for teens. 

The Majestic always has great food options for the kids too, all of the restaurants had a decent selection of kid’s dishes, so even for the pickiest of eaters. You shouldn’t have any issues here. 


There are loads of pools at the Majestic. Guests in the adult’s section have access to 7 pools, while the family area guests have access to 3 pools. We would say though that the main pool in the family area is substantially better and bigger than that at the adults-only side of the resort. 

There are nonmotorized water sports that are included in the package, but the beach is quite windy, so using the paddleboards and other equipment can be quite difficult if you get a windy day. There are also jet skis that are available to rent, this does come at an additional cost though. 


The standard of the gym here is very good. There is a nice large class area where there are spinning, Yoga, and Latin dance classes throughout the day. The main gym area is a decent size and there are more than enough cardio machines, free weights, and machine weights to get a solid workout in. All of the equipment is Life fitness and it’s all relatively new. 


The Greg Norman-designed Playa Mujeres golf course is located a 10-minute drive away from the resort. Green fees do come at an additional cost and there are no rates available that can include complimentary golf. 

Things to do during the day 

There is a full slate of activities that take place throughout the day.  From the fitness classes which we mentioned, Zumba on the beach, a Guacamole cooking class, and dance classes there is always something to keep you entertained. 

Things to do during the night 

Overall, we wouldn’t categorize this resort as one that has a big party atmosphere. Which honestly we preferred.  There is always something on in the evenings, but overall the vibe around the resort is a little subdued and not too party orientated. 

Most of the entertainment takes place in the huge theater, which has seating for a couple of hundred people.  Each night there is a different show, from the obligatory Michael Jackson tribute acts and an African dance show to name a few.

There are also themed nights that are put on once or twice throughout the week. They put on a Mexican night which is always a hit. They have a Mariachi band, tacos, street corn, and all your Mexican favorites. 

The sports bar is also the place to be if you want to party the night away. There is a DJ and Karaoke that plays here. This is the one place in the resort where the atmosphere is always popping.


The beach in Costa Mujeres is great. It’s private, very long and getting a sun lounger is not a problem. Even when the resort is near peak capacity. The waters at the beach are also very swimmable so if you like sea swimming. You will definitely be able to do so at the Majestic. 

The beach does suffer from Seaweed/grass, but it’s not too bad and nowhere near the extent of beaches in the main hotel zone. The staff cleared it twice a day and honestly, it didn’t bother us at all. As the resort is a little further along the Costa Mujeres peninsula than resorts in Playa Mujeres it means that there isn’t as much protection from the wind and waves as resorts that are more protected by Isla Mujeres. It just means it’s a little windier and a few more waves at this part of the beach. 

There are tons of sun loungers and Bali beds on the beach. We really liked that you didn’t need to pay or reserve the Bali beds. It was first come first serve. 

There is a drinks service on the beach, but sadly there is no food service. You need to go back to the resort for this. On occasion, there is a beach buffet that is put on with snacks like tacos, burgers, and fries. 


The Blossom Spa has a full spa menu on offer and the facilities are quite nice. The treatments are on the more expensive side, but if you have visited a luxury offering in this region before. There also didn’t seem to be any sort of discounts or special offers if you booked on the day.

The main relaxation area is a stunning cave-style structure which is the perfect spot to get treatment. The hydrotherapy run here is one of the nicer setups we have seen if you are an Elegance club guest access to it is complimentary. For all other guests, there is a surcharge. If you have a booking in the spa, you can use the hydrotherapy run before and after your treatment. 

The Service  

Overall, we can’t fault the staff at the Majestic. They really are top-notch and no request is too much. Although we didn’t experience this we have heard that at times the resort can feel a little understaffed, but this feedback did come over Covid, so it’s to be taken with a pinch of salt.

There is great service by the pool. The staff here are always on it and you won’t see the bottom of your glass. There is also a drinks service on the beach. As the bar area is quite a walk from the beach and it’s a big beach so the service here is a little bit spotty. You do get served but it’s not as frequent then if you’re sitting poolside. They were building what looked like a bar area closer to the beach which would really help speed up service. 


The resort was pretty spotless throughout. Empty glasses and plates were promptly cleaned up and the staff was always on hand to make sure the place was spic and span.

Booking during Covid

Traveling during Covid can be a daunting task and while we at InspoVacay urge you to follow your countries and Mexico’s travel guidance we are also here to arm you with the information needed to make sure you are maximizing the resorts Covid protocols and protections 


The room sizes here are really good. The smallest suite comes in at 625ft²., which is a really good size for the most basic room. These are probably the most impressive standard rooms we have seen in any of the resorts we have reviewed. Whether you’re staying in the adults-only or family side the room selection is pretty identical. If you are in a junior suite in either section they are going to be the same and this is the same for most room types. 

Most rooms here do have open-plan bathrooms. So if privacy is something you like in your room/suites then this won’t be the most ideal set-up. The toilet and showers are private, but it’s not the most private setup. 

Elegance Club Plunge Pool Suite/Sky-View Suite 

These suites are called two different names depending on the side of the resort you are on.  In the adults-only resort, these suites are known as the Elegance Club Plunge Pool Suite. While on the family side they are the Sky-View Suites. They are an identical offering. 

They are duplex-style suites that are super spacious and have a modern minimalist decor. As you enter the suite, there is a big bathroom, the main bedroom area has a king-sized bed and a small seating area. There is a small balcony on this level too. On the upper deck of the suite, there is a rooftop area with a great seating area and a really chic jacuzzi that overlooks the ocean or the gardens. The suite is 1025ft². and is a great option if you want a luxury room. 

Junior Suite 

These ro0ms are the smallest offering at the resort and are a really good size coming in at 625ft². The design of these rooms is super simple with a spacious bathroom by the door with a lovely big bathtub and skylight which floods the room with light. The main bedroom area is open plan with a king-sized bed, a small seating area, and a desk. The room opens out to a spacious balcony with a seating area, hot tub, and day bed. These suites are also available as Majestic club junior suites. The suites are swim-up suites. Other than that they are pretty much the same as a normal Junior suite. These swim-up suites are super popular and actually quite difficult to get unless you book well in advance.

One-Bedroom Suite 

This suite is really well-sized at 850ft², so space won’t be an issue. What’s nice about these suites is that there are separate parts of this room. The bedroom area can be completely separate from the living/dining area with a sliding door. In the living room, there is a sofa bed and a Murphy bed, so it has a capacity for 2 adults and 2 kids. The suite opens out to a balcony that has a nice seating area and a jacuzzi. 

Price Range + Packages 

This resort is definitely on the premium side with standard room rates averaging $500 for the month of May. When you compare that to some of the other resorts in the area like the Excellence Playa Mujeres or the Atelier. The Majestic is on average around 10% cheaper than these competitors.  Given we ranked these resorts higher. We would recommend considering these two resorts ahead of the Majestic. If the price point makes sense for you, but on average you get a better standard of service at both the Excellence and Atelier. 

What’s included in the all-inclusive package 

The package at the Majestic is strong. There are no limitations to the food or drink. offerings.  There’s 24/7 room service for guests on the adult’s side. Guests on the family side can also order but there is a delivery charge. Unlimited access to drinks. A fully stocked mini-bar that is refreshed daily and your choice of a full bottle of liquor for your room (Elegance guests only)

Food + Restaurant Options 

Overall the food was relatively consistent, but we wouldn’t say that it’s the strongest offering of all-inclusive resorts in the area. There are 7 restaurants throughout the resort with 6 a la carte options and one buffet. Only two of the restaurants require reservations (Japanese + Gourmet). All other spots don’t require reservations, which we like to see. 

Depending on the capacity of the resort that can sometimes lead to queues at the more popular restaurants. So, if you’re wanting to eat at the Italian or Steakhouse restaurants we recommend that you go early in the evening to avoid the queues. Obviously, if the resort isn’t at full capacity you won’t have these issues, but we recommend asking when you check in what level capacity the resort is at. So, you can plan your meals accordingly.

Although there is no standalone coffee shop. The piano bar does double as a coffee shop during the day. There is a full menu on offer, so whatever your caffeinated tipple is, the staff should be able to make it for you. The coffee here is actually pretty good. 

Ranking the Restaurants

Main Buffet

Open for all meals throughout the day, this spot serves up a range of cuisines. It is basically a mix of the a la carte restaurants in terms of the types of cuisines with the typical buffet options sprinkled in. These are things like an omelet station in the mornings and a pasta station in the evenings. There are no reservations required at the buffet and it was never too busy that you couldn’t get a table. 

The food at the buffet is actually really good. It’s consistent and the produce they use is top quality. This is a great spot especially if you have kids as it’s super casual and it has a kids food section too. There is also a vegan and vegetarian section too and in general, we felt that the resort did well at catering to specific food requirements. 

Mar House Beach Restaurant

This spot has some stunning views over the sea and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The lunch offering is a buffet with the dinner sitting being a surf and turf restaurant. The Cajun seared tuna is really good. The lobster is good quality, at times we heard that it was overcooked. 

Kabuki (Japanese)

There are two sections to Kabuki. The sushi bar serves a mix of sushi dishes and cold plates like Tonkatsu chicken salad. The other element is the Teppanyaki experience like you get at most resorts. You do need to make a reservation at both parts of the restaurant. Overall, the food is really good here. It’s one of the standout offerings at the Majestic Elegance. 

Bistro Brasserie

This is the only restaurant on the resort that is adults only. All other spots are kid-friendly. This restaurant is also one of the few that requires a booking too and it’s closed on a Wednesday, so do bake that into your schedule if you’re visiting. What we liked about this spot is that the menu is small and simple. The dishes here are really well done. It has a French theme and its standout dish is definitely the Duck confit. The Creme Brulee for dessert was also very good. 

IL Bottaccio 

Serving up Italian food, this restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch for Elegance Club guests. For dinner, all guests can make use of this restaurant and this is one of the more popular restaurants that doesn’t require a reservation. The food here is traditional. They bring you fresh bread to the table and have olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip in, which is delicious. If you plan on going here we recommend that you go early to ensure you get a table. 

Don Jaume (Argentinian Steakhouse)

The spot specializes in meats and the quality of meat that they use is actually pretty good. Typically at all-inclusive resorts, the quality of the steaks can be not great, but at the Majestic, they actually do a good job in sourcing good cuts of meat. The one area that was disappointing was the cooking of the steaks. Although they do ask how you would like your steak cooked. They didn’t deliver on the task and the steak was overcooked. The standout from Don Jaume was actually the veggie option of the Portobello Cobb salad.

El Mariachi Loco (Mexican)

Only open for dinner the expectations for this restaurant were high. The look and feel of this restaurant are really nice. It’s located in an atrium-style room and the atmosphere is good. The food was a little disappointing here as the Chicken Burrito was very moist. 


This is the perfect spot for a fast service super casual dinner or a snack after your sit-down meal. It serves burgers and fries and stays open until 6 am. So, it’s the perfect spot to go after the party. 

Bars and Drinks Offering 

The variety of choices of drinks on offer here is up there as one of the most comprehensive and best offerings at any all-inclusive resort we have visited. There is a full range of premium spirits offerings across all of the bars. You don’t need to be an Elegance Club guest to access the top shelf choices, which we really liked. They stock the likes of Hendricks and Bombay GIn, Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker Black, Don Julio, and Patron Silver to name a few. If beer is your tipple then they have Dos Equis on tap and bottles of Sol. 

The bartenders here are potentially the best we have experienced. They are really efficient and their cocktail-making skills are top-notch. You can see that the resort puts an emphasis on training and this shows with the great bar staff. Another positive element was that the cocktails are not any of those pre-mixed cocktails that you get at some resorts. They are all made to order. 

There are minibars in all of the rooms and they are included in the all-inclusive package. It’s restocked daily and has sodas, a few beers(Sol, Dos Equis), and some water. Once you arrive the staff will also ask you the type of liquor you like. They will then bring a full bottle for your room that you can enjoy throughout your vacation (Elegance Club guest feature). 

Is the Elegance Club Level Status Worth it?

Unlike most other resorts, the club or premium level rooms have far fewer additional benefits and areas than you would expect. The delineation between the Elegance and other guests is that the Elegance guests are everyone on the adults’ side, while none of the rooms on the family side have the option of adding Elegance status. 

The list of benefits is pretty limited. On arrival, you get a bottle of champagne in your room. You can request a specific liquor bottle for your in-room bar and you have access to an ala carte option for breakfast. There is a personal butler, which we will delve into in a bit, but there are not as many private areas as you would expect. There are reserved areas by the beach and a number of pools that are adults-only, but that’s about it.

The personal concierge/butler service. This type of service is always very hit or miss and honestly we felt that this service fell short and did not add much. We have been to other resorts where the personal concierge would secure your favorite spot by the beach in the mornings and bring a cooler filled with your favorite drinks for you. At the Majestic, the personal concierge seemed to be there to fill you in on the events of the day, which was a bit pointless from our point of view.

Overall though, there’s not really a choice to be made here. If you are looking for an adults-only experience then you will automatically get the Elegance club features. On the family side as there is no option to add it on there is no choice to make. 

Is there a dress code in place?

Yes, there is a dress code in place for some of the restaurants and the staff does enforce the dress code.  The Majestic actually has great definitions of what each of the dress codes means for the men. For the women, there is no example of actual items of clothing, just the definition. So, we took that to wear what you please.


The staff here are top quality. No request is too much and they are so friendly. You really do get the feeling that the staff is doing their utmost to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible. With this, we strongly recommend that you tip the staff throughout your stay. This cost should be baked into the overall cost of your vacation.

If you’re looking for recommendations on specific amounts then we suggest tipping $1 per drink that you order and between $5 – $10 per meal.


This area of Playa/Costa Mujeres is a really competitive spot for all-inclusive resorts. With around 10 resorts in the area, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your next vacation. 

The Majestic does really well on a lot of facets of the resort. The design and aesthetic of the resort are beautiful. The service, facilities, and large footprint of the resort make it a luxury experience. The food was good, but not great. 

There were a few things that were missing from the resort that we would have liked to have seen. There was no coffee shop on the resort, so it meant either going to one of the restaurants or the welcome lounge to pick up some caffeine. The resort also doesn’t seem to have a clear identity. Although children are welcome here and there are distinct buildings for the kids and the adults. We would have liked to have seen a greater separation between the areas. As there is only one adults-only restaurant, it’s basically a family restaurant in all of the other spots. 

Overall though, it’s a solid offering coming in with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. 


Q. Does the Majestic Elegance resort offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. You can organize a shuttle bus through the resort, but this will come at an additional charge. 

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guests and it is complimentary 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available to you in your suite as well as throughout the resort. 

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. There is a huge amount to do in the local area. Downtown Cancun and the main hotel zone are only a 30-minute drive from the resort. The area is also home to some of the most impressive pieces of Mayan culture. The Chichen Itza is located a few hour drives from the resort and is well worth a visit.