Le Blanc Resort Los Cabos – A Complete Overview – What to Expect

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Grade 4.5 out of 5 Stars


The Le Blanc is a 5-star all-inclusive resort that is located in the Los Cabos area of Mexico. It is an adults-only offering and is one of the newer resorts in the Los Cabos area. The resort only opened in April 2018. When you take into account that this resort was closed for a lot of 2020 to 2022, it’s effectively a brand new resort.  

The resort isn’t too big with 369 rooms on offer. Although we would categorize this as a medium-sized resort, it definitely doesn’t feel as busy as some of the larger resorts in the area. 

The way the resort is structured also lends itself to feeling spacious. The main building is set up in a half moon shape and the buildings surrounding the main pool area. Although it may sound like they enclose the area because the footprint of the resort feels large. It feels very well laid out. 

When you first arrive at the resort, you will be struck by how luxurious and premium the resort feels and that feeling continues throughout your stay. 


Just a 35-minute drive from Los Cabos International airport. The Le Blanc resort is located in a very convenient location for getting in and out of. The views from this location are out of this world and are one of the standout elements of this resort. It’s also just a 15-minute drive from the town of Cabos San Lucas, so if you want to experience the nightlife it’s just a short taxi ride away. 

Top Tips 

  • One of our favorite spots to grab a drink in the evening time is the terrace area which is located just off the main reception. The terrace area has multiple floors to it and the blanc fire is a really great place to grab a drink before or after dinner. There is live music in the evening and a full bar. There are a number of fire pits that make it really atmospheric.
  • A standout part of the LeBlanc is that 98% of the suites at the resort have a full or partial ocean view. The building that the suites are located in is also elevated, so taking in the views of the pacific ocean is truly remarkable. 
  • Make sure to make the most of the 24/7 room service menu. This is the most expansive room service menu we have seen at any resort and the standard of food is really good. food can be ordered through the TV and the service is quite fast.  
  • The standard of luxury at the Le Blanc is really strong, all suites at this resort come with butler service. Although they are probably a bit of a gimmick. They can do things like draw a bath for you, press garments, and a shoe shine. They are also like a personal concierge and can help book cabanas and activities outside and inside of the resort. We were pleasantly surprised by their helpfulness. 
  • This is one of our top recommendations if you are going on a Honeymoon in Mexico, this resort is perfectly set up for couples celebrating with its world-class spa and luxury vibe. 
  • Most of the restaurants for the evening sittings do require reservations. We do recommend that you leverage your butler to make reservations. The more popular spots like Blanc Asia, BlancItalia, and Lumineer can book up quickly. You can pre-book spots before you arrive and we recommend doing this. The process is a little hit and miss, we heard that at times you can’t make reservations through the butlers, but that you could get walk-ins, so it’s not the most efficient. 


From the second you walk into the resort, the first thing that will hit you is the truly stunning view that is located just off the reception of the ocean below. There are 260-degree views of the ocean and it’s an epic first impression. 

The team here at the Le Blanc is super courteous and takes your bags as you arrive. They will also give you a drink and a cold towel. There are more than enough check-in desks, so you should never be waiting too long for a desk. 

The only negative about the check-in process is that they typically give a small sales pitch for the timeshare opportunities, but the staff are usually quite respectful if it’s something you are not interested in. 

Is the Le Blanc Los Cabos a child-friendly resort?

This is an adults-only resort, so if you are wanting to bring the family. This is not the resort for you. Don’t worry though there are loads of family-friendly options in the area. Our top recommendation for a family-friendly resort is the Dreams Los Cabos. It’s a solid option and is serious value for the price point. Check out our comprehensive review here. 

Pools + Amenities

There are 4 outdoor pools at the LeBlanc. Of these pools, two of these are heated. They are the main pool and the infinity pool. The two pools at the side are the ones that aren’t heated. 

The main pool is where most of the activities take place. There is a ton of sun beds and cabanas surrounding all of the pools, at times it can be a little difficult to get a spot by the pool, so we recommend you tip your butler well at the start of the vacation and they can reserve a spot for you in the mornings. 

There are premium cabana areas that come with a TV, a lounge area, and a personal concierge. There is the type of cabana you would expect at a Vegas pools party. There is a surcharge to rent these though, but well worth it if you want to treat yourself. It’s $200 for the day. 

Around all of the pools, there are pool concierges that are on hand. They can help you with a number of things. Whether it be pool toys, drinks, or food orders. They are there to help out. 

The infinity pool was definitely our favorite spot. There is a serious swim-up bar here where the bar staff is super friendly and talented. 


The Blanc fitness gym is very premium.  

There is a full schedule of classes that run throughout the day. From yoga, spinning, TRX, and pilates the is a great range of classes.  They also have personal training options and what’s really impressive is that there is no additional cost for these sessions.  

The gym is really modern with all techno-gym equipment. There is a great range of cardio and machine weights. The free weights area is a little small given the size of the resort but overall is pretty decent for a resort gym.

Things to do during the day 

The Leblanc managed to thread the line between the entertainment and activities not being over the top and the ability to keep you entertained. 

We wouldn’t say that there are a ridiculous amount of activities going on throughout the day, but there is more than enough going on to keep you entertained. There is a huge range of fitness classes on offer, including aqua yoga in the pool, 

The spa here at the LeBlanc is probably the best we have seen at any resort we have visited and one of the great benefits that all guests have access to as part of their package is the hydrotherapy run. This is a multi-step process that starts in the steam room followed by the ice room and the warm and cold pools. It’s a great service and makes sure to make the most of this benefit. 

Things to do during the night 

In the evening our favorite entertainment was definitely the DJ and saxophone player that was banging out the tunes. Each evening there is always some live music on offer. The Blanc fire is also a great spot for some pre-dinner entertainment. There is live music each evening, grab a space by one of the fire pits, take in the view and enjoy the live music. 

The sports bar here is legit. There are TVs positioned in every piece of wall space available and they show all of the US and UK sports. This is the perfect spot to grab a pint and some food and take in some sports. There’s also a pool table here, which is a favorite of ours. 

Is the beach swimmable at Le Blanc Cabo?

As with the majority of resorts in Cabos San Lucas. The beach here is not a swimmable one.  The current at the beach is too strong and swimming is not permitted due to safety risks. The stretch of the beach itself is really nice and the resort does put out sun loungers and umbrellas, so you can still chill on the beach. There is also the same full drinks and food service that is available by the pool. So, although you can’t take a dip, you can still relax there. 


The Le Blanc resort is a Spa focused resort. This place even has a “spa” in its name. So, we had super high expectations for the spa here at the Le Blanc. You’ll be glad to hear that you won’t be disappointed if your looking to pamper yourself. This is hands down the best spa we have ever seen at any all-inclusive resort. 

As we mentioned there is free hydrotherapy run that you can use each day. You do need to book into a place, so be sure to do that. Although the spa is really large, it can be difficult to get treatments during peak capacity times. We recommend that you pre-book treatments as far in advance as possible.  

The one callout we have for the spa is that it is not cheap, it’s definitely a premium offering, and the prices reflect that. You are looking at $250 for an 80-minute deep tissue massage. If you have resort credits, this is one area where you can actually use them. 

The Service  

We were really impressed with the service throughout the whole resort. The service by the pool specifically was really great. Although the pools can get a little busy, because of the decent ratio of staff to guests it’s really easy to order a drink or food wherever you are. The service was really exceptional. 

We have to give props to the butler service. Typically these features at all-inclusive resorts are more for show than functionality. At the Le Blanc, the butlers are super helpful and should be leveraged.

The housekeeping service is also really great. They come two times throughout the day and are very flexible to come when you are not in the room. The staff makes sure to come back and clean the room if you happen to be in the room when they try and clean it. 


Throughout the resort, the place is spotless. The resort also has a number of signature scents, so there are lovely smells throughout. The ratio of staff to guests seemed to be on the higher side, so there was always someone cleaning. 


Overall the standard of rooms on offer is very luxurious. The rooms definitely meet the 5-star rating, so no matter what suite you get you won’t be disappointed. All of the suites are also quite tech-enabled with features such as the do not disturb button on the front door, which automatically locks the door to external keycards.

All suites have a mini-bar with soft drinks, waters, and beers. As well as a snack draws with some chocolate, chips, and snacks. These are also replenished daily. There is also a solid selection of alcohol available in the suites. All rooms come with a complimentary bottle of tequila, which is yours to keep. As well as full-sized bottles of liquor. They stock such spirits like Johnny Walker Black, Barcardi, and Absolut vodka, so it’s a really premium offering of bottles. Wine is available too.  

There are around 6 different options of room types, so we have covered two of the offerings that cover the standard and premium room offerings. One thing to note is that all rooms come with the same status throughout the resort. There is no tiered status, which is great. 

Royal Junior Suite

As you walk into the suite you will be hit by the sheer size of the suite. These are really spacious as junior suites go. The suites have a spacious living area with a couch and chairs. There is a large super king-sized bed. The bathroom is just off the bedroom area and again this area is really big. These suites also have a great balcony, where there are panoramic views, a day bed, and a table and chairs. 

Royal Honeymoon Suite

Although the name of these suites would suggest that these are super-premium options. They are actually one of the standard suites in the resort. That being said these suites are more than luxurious enough. They are well spaced for the entry-level option and the suite does feel very luxurious in its design and aesthetic. 

Price Range

Let’s start off by saying that this is a premium resort and the prices reflect this. An average nightly rate for a standard room is around $700. That is not to say you can’t get a bargain here. For a last-minute 7-day package you are looking at $3000 per person (based on August 2022 price). That’s a bargain for this spot. 

What does Le Blanc All Inclusive include?

The all-inclusive package at the Le Blanc is very competitive. There are no guest tiers at the resort, so it’s very easy to know what’s included and what’s not. The package has a lot of great inclusions that aren’t typically included, like unlimited access to the hydrotherapy run, free personal training at the gym, butler service for all suites, and premium liquor options. 

There are a few menu and drink options that do require a surcharge, but overall it is a very comprehensive package.  

Food + Restaurant Options 

There is a nice range of choices on offer at the Leblanc with 7 restaurants to choose from as well as some smaller options throughout the day. The standard of food is also really good here and the consistency level is great. For an all-inclusive, this is one of the better resorts we have seen.  

We also really liked that each of the a la carte spots had signature cocktails on all of their menus. 

Ranking the Restaurants


Definitely our favorite spot on the resort. We wouldn’t say that this is very traditional Italian, but the dishes here are executed really well. They actually have a chefs tasting menu, which is a great way to try a variety of dishes. The overall experience at the Blanc Italia is one of the best dinners we have seen at an all-inclusive resort. 

Blanc Asia 

We really like the design of this spot. It almost feels like you walking into a spa when you come through the main door. This is a pan-Asian-style offering that serves up a range of dishes from Japanese, Thai, and Chinese.  The standout dishes we the salmon and tuna sashimi, which we both top quality and super fresh fish.  The Japanese fried chicken is also really well done. 

The sushi here is good, but they are on the smaller side, so we would recommend ordering more than you normally would. 

Blanc Ocean Restaurant 

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this is a top-quality option. There are some serious ocean views and it’s the perfect place to enjoy some grub with an ocean breeze. The food here is really nice and the presentations are really good. The fruit salad starter is lovely and the fillet steak is of really high quality.  


A Lebanese restaurant, which is the first time we have seen this type of cuisine at an all-inclusive resort. We love to see a shake-up to the typical rinse and repeat restaurant options. The food here is very tasty with homemade pitta bread.  The Tina Fatteh was really nice and there were some great flavor options to try, which may be new to a lot of people. 

Blanc International

This is the main and only buffet of the resort and is only a buffet for breakfast and lunch sitting.  In the evenings it turns into an a la carte option with a nice mix of food on offer.  There are steaks, burgers, fish, and chicken on offer and the quality of the product is very good. This is a solid option considering the size of the restaurant and the volumes they’re doing. 

Blanc Pizza 

A pizzeria spot,  this is a nice Italian-style offering. The pizzas here are pretty decent. They are Neapolitan-style pizzas that are cooked pretty well and are relatively traditional. They’re not the best pizzas you will ever have but are more than serviceable for an all-inclusive resort.


A french style offering. This is the boujee, a fine dining restaurant on the Le Blanc. Sadly this spot didn’t meet the expectations we had for Lumineer. The menu was nice and will have something for every palette, but the execution of the dishes just missed.  

Other Options

Blanc Cafe 

This place is probably the most luxurious coffee shop we have seen at an all-inclusive resort. It looks more like a French patisserie than a coffee shop with delicately prepared chocolates and pastries.  The coffee here is also very good and this is a go-to spot in the mornings. 

Room service 

We were really impressed with the standard of room service available. The range of dishes available for all meals throughout the day and the after-hours menu are superb. The speed of the service was also really fast, which is usually the biggest pain point of resort room service. 

Taco Cart

There is also a taco cart that is perched beside the main pool area for the day. They offer up some delicious chicken and steak tacos and are the perfect pool-time snack. The guac here is unreal. 

Churro Carts 

Right by the pool, there is also a Churro cart that is hands down the best churros we have ever experienced. They are a must-have. Period.

Bars and Drinks Offering 

The selection of drinks available to all guests is really great. They have a great range of premium top-shelf drinks on offer and they are in no way watered down. 

The bar staff are also really well trained and can make pretty much anything for you. The cocktails are banging and the choice of drinks is really superb. 

The only downside is the wine options. They do have a choice of house wines that are included in the all-inclusive package, but it isn’t the widest choice and the quality is just ok. When your order drinks too, be sure to be specific in the liquor that you want if you not they will give you the most basic options. 

Pacifico, Bud light, and Coronas are the beers they have available. 

What’s the Royal Residence? 

The royal residence is located within the Le Blanc resort and is an impressive villa that is available for groups between 8 and 12 people. Let’s start off by saying this is not a value option.  This is the place to go to if you plan on balling out. Rates at the Le Blanc average $20,000 a night. 

For that price, you do get a level of luxury and privacy that we haven’t seen before. It’s basically like a private resort within a resort. There are multiple bedrooms, a stunning pool, a gym, a private chef, and personal butlers. Everything you could think of is included at the Royal Residence. 

Is there a dress code in place?

Some of the restaurants do have a dress code in place and we would say that it is enforced, so we do recommend packing some dressier clothes. It’s not very well documented but as an overview, the restaurants you need to make reservations for have the following dress code. 

“Slacks required for gentlemen. Avoid sleeveless t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, or sandals. No water shoes, bare feet, swimsuits, or sleeveless shirts are allowed.”

Pretty much anything else goes and for the ladies, it’s pretty flexible, just no swimwear. 


You should definitely tip when visiting the Le Blanc or any all-inclusive for that matter. The staff here, in particular, are really good. We’d recommend bringing small bills with you as we recommend tipping the staff throughout. As a general rule of thumb, we typically tip $1 per drink and between $5 – $10 per meal depending on the time of day. If you going for a 7-day trip, we recommend bringing around $150 for tips alone. Obviously, this is all personal preference, but the staff is really good here. 


The LeBlanc is a premium all-inclusive and that is reflected in the price point. We loved that there were no tiered levels in regards to rooms and access to areas around the resort. It meant that the standard rooms came in a little more expensive compared to other resorts, but their experience was fantastic. 

The butler service, premium liquor, and overall aesthetic of the resort are up there with some of the best resorts we have seen. The food was also not-worth and more 5-star resort than all-inclusive. 

The spa, location, and service at the resort are all really good, but you are paying for it with its premium price tag. This spot is perfect for a honeymoon, anniversary or you just want to treat yourself.  


Q. Does the Le Blanc Los Cabos offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. There is no complimentary shuttle offered by the Leblanc resort. They do sometimes run an offer if you book a certain amount of nights the service is included, but as a baseline offering, it’s not included. We recommend going with Cabo Airport shuttle, where shared transport runs for just $40 in return. Private transfers for 4 people are just $125 in return.

Q. Can you drink the water at Le Blanc Cabo?

A. The tap water at the Le Blanc is sadly not drinkable. There is no filtration system in place at the resort. So, if you are looking for drinking water we recommend that you drink bottled water.  

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guests and it is complimentary 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available to you in your suite as well as throughout the resort. The signal strength is more than serviceable and you can easily take calls and stream content. 

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. There are a huge amount of activities in and around Los Cabos. If you are into golfing, fishing, or water sports there are a plethora of options within a short distance. Whale watching and a stroll along the marina are also great options.