Ikos resorts – All your questions answered! 

Are all Ikos resorts adults only?

All Ikos resorts are family-friendly. So, if you are looking for a luxury family getaway, then look no further than the Ikos Resorts. The Ikos brand has seven resorts dotted throughout the Mediterranean. They do an excellent job catering to families with kids’ clubs, creches, kids’ dining options, and even football camps that feature ex-professional football players. 

That being said if you were looking for an adults-only experience. I wouldn’t let the fact that the Ikos resort is family-friendly put you off. They cater to all experiences and there are adults-only areas at restaurants and beaches. 

We would also call out as the resorts are so well organized and there is so much to do for kids. They are kind of kept away from the main areas, so it’s not too hectic. 

What are Ikos Resorts known for?

All of the Ikos resorts are located within Europe and Ikos is known for being the flag bearer for luxury all-inclusive resorts. All-inclusive resorts in Europe are a relatively new thing with only a handful of resorts offering it. Ikos Resorts are the pick of the bunch. 

One of the standout features of the Ikos resorts is the depth and luxury of their all-inclusive packages. Everything you could imagine is included. A lot of the resort’s menus have been crafted by Michelin-starred chefs, which is super impressive. It’s that type of detail that makes Ikos Resorts a no-brainer when choosing your next vacation. 

Another great thing about Ikos Resorts is that they have a strong sustainability policy. They are very active in making sure their impact on the planet is reduced. All-inclusive resorts are always questionable in regards to their environmental footprint, so it’s good to see the Ikos’s active engagement. You can read all about it here.

What is the difference between Ikos and Sani?

Ikos and Sani Resorts are part of the same operating company (LBRI Group) and both resorts offer a similar level of experience and luxury. There are a lot more Ikos resorts with 7 currently on offer throughout the Mediterranean. The Sani only has one resort in Halkidiki, Greece. The Sani resort is made up of 4 resorts within one wider resort. So, it’s probably unfair to say that there’s only one Sani resort. There are 800 rooms on offer throughout the 4 hotels and a great part of the Sani experience is that you can dine at any of the restaurants within the complex. That’s 26 options! 

Is the minibar free at Ikos?

At Ikos Resorts all rooms come with a fully stocked mini-bar included as part of the all-inclusive package. The mini-bar is replenished daily and includes soft drinks, water, beers, wine, and mini bottles of spirits. Everything you would need. 

There are also coffee capsules in all of the rooms that are restocked daily too.

What does Ikos all-inclusive include?

The devil is in the detail and the Ikos Resorts do the details extremely well. The package at the Ikos is very extensive and honestly one of the best we have experienced at an all-inclusive resort.

The food and drinks offerings are second to none. The range of choice of restaurants at all resorts is great. All resorts have a minimum of 6 options as well as room service and the dine-out feature, so you can explore the local area’s restaurants. The Michelin-curated menus at some of the restaurants are a classy touch.  

The selection of drinks is also very extensive with top shelf options across all bars. Their selection of wines is also a standout feature with all resorts carrying over 300 wine options as part of the package. This is something you simply do not see at all-inclusive resorts.

Are Ikos Resorts worth the money?

Ikos resorts are definitely more expensive, but for that price, you get some serious value for money. When you take into account the quality and range of the food and drink offerings. It does put into perspective the value that you are getting. 

Price varies depending on the time of year and which resort you stay at, but on average you are probably paying around €2,500 a week for two adults sharing a standard room.  So, it is expensive, but Ikos Resorts are the pinnacle all-inclusive experience. 

Which Ikos resort should I visit? 

All of the resorts are pretty comparable in their offering. So, it comes down to personal preference on location, size of resort, and price. 

We have reviewed 5 of the Ikos resorts and have ranked our experiences. Sneak peek – The Ikos Andalusia took our top spot. Check out the full review below👇