Iberostar Selection Anthelia – A Comprehensive Review


4.0 stars out of 5 


Located in the area of Costa Adeje in Tenerife this all-inclusive offering is one of the better options for all-inclusive resorts in Europe. Branded as a 5-star family destination, it’s a great option for families looking for a complete family holiday. Although we at InspoVacay would probably categorize this spot as more of a 4-star hotel compared to its 5-star ranking. 

It is a solid option for a mid to high-end spot that has all of the bells and whistles to keep the kids entertained and the adults relaxed and pampered.  

It offers a range of options when booking, from bed and breakfast, half board to all-inclusive. It’s nice to have these options, but it does make the process a little confusing in terms of the elements included in your all-inclusive package. Don’t worry though we got you covered with a breakdown of everything you can expect at this resort. 

All-inclusive is a personal preference, some people don’t like to be committed to eating in the same spot for a full week. We found the standard of the food and the drink options that were available to be more than satisfactory.  The one area that the resort fell down a little was the resort felt a little dated. Specifically, the reception and our room had a little too much wear and tear for a 5-star resort.  

Overall, we were pretty impressed with the resort, the quality of the service and Tenerife as a whole as it was our first visit here. All things considered, it’s very reasonable pricing, the location is good and the service can’t be faulted. 

Top Tips 

  • Tenerife basically has sun all year round, so no matter what time you visit you will be able to enjoy some heat.  If you are looking for the optimal time to visit we suggest going between March and May as the temperatures are nice and the busy tourist season hasn’t kicked into full swing just yet.  
  • From a value for money standpoint, it’s worth booking the all-inclusive option especially if you like an alcoholic tipple. The price difference between the all-inclusive option and the bed and breakfast is on average £80 a night per person. 80 pounds gets you quite far in Tenerife as the cost of eating and drinking out is quite low. So, it really comes down to the amount of alcohol you think you will drink over the course of the holiday to understand if it’s worth it. 
  • The all-inclusive option includes premium spirits, so if you have opted for this package make sure that you make the most of it. 
  • If you have opted for the all-inclusive option and you’re staying for 7 days you will have the option to go to each of the à la carte restaurants (Barbacoa, Portofino, and Poseidon ). Make sure to book these early as we found it difficult to get a reservation. Ideally, try and book before you even arrive as it’s super difficult to get a booking with the all-inclusive offering.
  • Take a picture of your room number, you’ll be asked for it quite a lot as there are guests that are on different packages


The check-in process was very smooth.  Once we arrived at the doors we were in our rooms within a couple of minutes. So, the check-in process really can’t be faulted. You can check-in from 3 pm onwards, if you’re arriving before then be sure to ring ahead and mention you’ll be arriving early. When we arrived it was around 1 pm and the staff was able to facilitate us getting into the room a little earlier which we very much appreciated. 


Located in the Canary Islands of Spain the Iberostar Anthelia is located in Tenerife in the Costa Adeje area of the island. It’s also in close proximity to the Tenerife south airport which is just a 10-minute drive from the resort. The North airport is literally on the other side of the island, which is around a 50-minute drive away.

The resort is located in a busy enough area. There is a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities within a short walking distance of the resort.  

Directly next to the Selection Anthelia is another Iberostar resort called the Grand Salomé. This resort is a lot smaller and has a boutique hotel feel to the resort. This is an adults-only resort and has recently been refurbished. This resort warrants the 5-star rating but does come in on average 2 times the cost of the Selection Anthelia. 

Is the Resort Child Friendly

Iberostar Anthelia is definitely child-friendly. There is a kids club that is available, but the hours are pretty limited. Although we didn’t have kids with us when we traveled, we did hear feedback from other guests that the activities that are on offer in the kids club were quite limited. 

When we visited there were quite a lot of families throughout the resort. So the environment was definitely welcoming to children. That being said the resort didn’t feel overrun by kids, so it’s not a bad choice for couples too. 

Whats the Kids Club like?

The Star Camp children’s activity program is the kids club offered at the Iberostar Anthelia. Although the hours are limited the staff put their best foot forward in making sure the kids stay entertained throughout the day. 

Each day had a new activity theme, from talent shows to mini discos the kids club team did their utmost to keep them busy.  Although this wasn’t the most complete kids club we have experienced, it is a pretty good service, but we would have expected better for a 5-star resort. 


There are two main swimming pools in the resort and there is ample space to pull up a sunbed and soak up those rays. As we stayed off-peak season there was no issue in getting a sun lounger for the day.  Most days we would stroll down to the pool around 10.30 am and there would be loads of sun loungers available. The second smaller pool is a saltwater pool. There are also an additional 4 smaller pools in the resort with two kids pools available too.  

In their busy months where occupancy is at its highest, we have heard that getting space at the pool can be an issue. Another thing to note is that the main pool is the only heated pool, so if you are going off-season where the temperatures are lower the pools can be a bit chilly later in the day. 

There are also a number of activities that are put on at the resort. From table tennis tournaments to fitness classes there is always something going on throughout the day to keep you entertained. 


There are two gyms in this complex, both are relatively small, but neither was particularly busy when we went. Each of the gyms has a few pieces of cardio equipment, free weights, and some machine weights too. The one thing to call out about the gyms is that there is no air conditioning. They are somewhat open air, so we never really saw this as an issue. 


Although there are no golf courses in the resort. There are a number of courses in the vicinity. Golf Las Americas is probably the best option for local courses. Only a 7-minute drive from the Iberostar, this par 72 course is a scenic spot. It is 6.051 meters in length and is a tough enough course and it’s very well maintained.  

As with most courses, the rates are dependent on the time of year that you are visiting. A round ranges from €65 to €95, which is pretty reasonable for the quality of the course. The course also has buggies and clubs available for rental, but if you plan on playing a couple of times, then it’s worth bringing your own. 

The other option which is also a 7-minute drive away is the Golf course Los Lagos. This course is a little on the pricier side for the standard of course but is a good option if you want some variety. 


Tenerife is a great location for sun holidays. The weather is nice throughout the year. It’s a convenient location for most tourists living in Europe. The one area that Tenerife isn’t famous for is its beaches.

Being a volcanic island, the natural beaches have volcanic black sand which is quite coarse. But don’t worry, most resorts import sand to give you that picture-perfect beach experience.

The resort isn’t actually on the coast, but the Playa Del Duque beach is a short walk away. If you’re a big fan of the beach and ocean swimming, then this resort might not be for you. Although the beach is only a short 3-minute walk away from the hotel, there are no reserved areas and no drinks service there so it’s quite limited.


If you book the all-inclusive option you will receive one access pass per person to access the spa facilities if you’re staying for 7 nights or more. The spa facilities are top-notch and include hydrotherapy, cold water pool, sensation pool, sauna, and steam room. 

There are also treatments available for an additional cost, but we suggest booking these beforehand as availability for massages was an issue when we tried to book. 

The Service  

Overall the service at the Iberostar Selection Anthelia was very good. It was the level you would expect of a resort with 5-star grading. The staff was considerate and friendly and we really felt like they were there to make your visit flow as smoothly as possible. 

Specifically, there were a few staff members we would like to call out. Noemi at reception greeted us on day 1 with a beaming smile and any interactions we had with her were very pleasant and she went above and beyond to assist us. 

One of the areas we were let down by the service was the lack of poolside bar service. In order to get a drink, you need to go up to the poolside bar and order it yourself. It would have been a nice touch to get service at the pool. 


Being a 5-star hotel you would expect the cleanliness to be impeccable. We stayed prior to the COVID pandemic in 2018 and the place really was very clean. I can only imagine the extra precautions that this resort is taking in making the resort safe and clean. Based on the reviews of people that have stayed during the COVID period they have echoed our thoughts. 

The rooms were cleaned once a day around 11 am. Every single day the housekeeping team was like clockwork in regards to cleaning our room. This was great as we could really plan our day around when the room was being cleaned. On occasion, there were empty glasses left by the pool, but this is us really nitpicking here.  

Booking During COVID 

Iberostar resorts have a comprehensive plan for protecting their visitors when traveling in these uncertain times. Be sure to check that these elements are still in place at the time of booking.

The additional benefits are called Iberostar Extra Care Insurance and offer the following benefits

  • Medical Assistance 
  • Medical and surgical assistance if required
  • Extension of your stay
  • Cover for additional costs in the event that you need to extend your stay.
  • Online Medical Consultation
  • Personalized medical attention via chat, telephone, or video call
  • Repatriation
  • Covers the costs if you need to return home for medical reasons.

The one thing is that we couldn’t see anything on their site about cancelation protection with COVID, so be sure to double-check this before booking. 

Price Range + Packages 

The resort is a mid-high ranged price option for Tenerife all-inclusive resorts. You really do get great value for money for holidays in Tenerife. Your money takes you a lot further compared to all-inclusive options in the likes of Italy, Spain, and Portugal.  

What’s included in the all-inclusive package 

Firstly it’s important to call out that the Iberostar offers an array of package options. These are as follows 

  • Bed + Breakfast 
  • Half Board 
  • All Inclusive

The all-inclusive option it’s a little different from the typically all-inclusive options where everything in sight is included. There are three restaurants on-site –  Barbacoa,  Zeus, and Portofino.  Zeus is the main buffet area and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

You will be eating the majority of your meals here if you chose to solely eat in the resort. There is no restriction to your access to Zeus. With the other two restaurants, if you are staying for 7 days or more you will be entitled to eat at the two other restaurants once per 7days.  

Due to the fact that there are guests that are of different package types it does make the drink ordering process a little bit annoying. As every time you order a drink you need to give your room number. There are also a number of food and drink options that are not included in the all-inclusive package.  

Food + Restaurant Options 

If you go for the all-inclusive option the Zeus buffet is where the majority of your meals will be served. If you’re staying for 7 days you can also go to the Alacarte restaurants of Barbacoa or Portefino once during your stay at no additional cost. Be sure to book early in the week though, as we found it difficult to get a booking the day of. 

Ranking the Restaurants

1.  Poseidon

This gourmet dining option serves up some wonderfully cooked dishes in a restaurant that was brimming with life when we visited pre-Covid. Although the bustling atmosphere maybe a little bit more reserved we’re sure the food offering is still superb.  When we ate here we went for the roast suckling lamb, which was packed with flavor and beautifully presented. We also had the Tuna steak in Miso which literally melted in your mouth. We highly recommend booking in here before you travel as the food is top-notch and is without a shadow of a doubt the nicest restaurant in the resort. 

2. Barbacoa

Open for lunch and dinner Barbacoa serves an eclectic mix of dishes.  From Pizzas, Pasta, meat, fish dishes, and local favorites like freshly caught sea bass they’ll be something for everyone at Barbacoa.  We only went here once when we visited and it was for lunch, but the food was great. They also offer a large enough snack menu that is perfect for your mid-sunning feed.  

3. Zeus Buffet 

Open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this is the main eatery that you will most likely be frequenting the most. There was a solid variety of food on rotation, so you always had something new to try on daily. 

The buffet is laid out by cuisine type with self-serve and cooking stations dotted throughout. From smoked dishes to cold meats, seafood, cheeses, pâtés, salads with vinaigrette, and roast meats. There is a huge amount on offer. 

4. Portofino

This Italian offering serves up all of the staples. This was the restaurant that we were least impressed with. The food here was just ok. The pizzas that we ordered were a little undercooked, which was a good indication for the general food quality here and Italian restaurants shouldn’t be getting Pizzas wrong. 

5. Sea Soul Restaurant & Lounge

This lunch and dinner time spot is located in an idyllic location overlooking the ocean. It’s a really lovely place to dine. Although this restaurant is not included in the all-inclusive package, it’s worth a visit for its views. This seafood restaurant was a little disappointing.  We had the mussels and the grilled lobster and there was great flavor from them. 

Bars and Drinks Offering 

The drinks selection for the all-inclusive option is actually pretty good. There is a range of top-shelf liquor(Grey Goose, Johnny Walker,  Hendriks, etc.) and imported beers (Corona, Heineken, etc.) that are included in the package. To put into context the variety of choices, they have 5 different gins available. The drinks menu is also 12 pages long, so you’ll have no issues finding your drink of choice. 

The one thing to note is that there isn’t a huge volume of bars given the size of the complex, but we never had too much issue getting served.  

Rooms Types

The room options here are pretty standard with three grades of rooms that are available with or without a sea view. There is a presidential suite available too.  

  • Double Room 
  • Superior Room 
  • Duplex Room

As this is a large resort, some of the rooms are in buildings that are a bit of a walk away from the main area.  There is an option to book a room with a priority location, but this comes at a surcharge.  We recommend when you check-in that you ask for a room in building A or E. Building A is located directly next to the main area and E will have the best views of the ocean.  

When we stayed we were in a seaside view double room. The room was updated within the last few years and it was more than comfortable enough to relax in. We don’t typically spend a huge amount of time in rooms when we go on holidays, so the room is never a deal-breaker, but it was clean, spacious and we had a nice balcony with a view of the ocean.  


Overall this is a very nice resort and competitively priced for an all-inclusive option compared to options in Greece, Portugal, and Spain of comparable quality. The location is very convenient to shops, restaurants, and bars, so perfect if you like to explore the local culture. 

There were a few negative areas such as the dated decor in some of the areas of the hotel and the all-inclusive option was a little limited in terms of food options. The lack of a beach is definitely something to think about but wasn’t a deal-breaker for us. 

The inclusion of imported and premium alcohol choices was nice and is really where you can maximize the value from the all-inclusive option. This is very much a family resort, so if you plan on bringing the kids this is a strong option.  For couples, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway we suggest you look elsewhere. 


Q. Does the Iberostar Selection offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. Yes, a shuttle service from the airport can be requested. They do advise that you ring before your trip to check availability.

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guest and it is complimentary 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is included in your room rate. It’s available throughout the resort and we didn’t have issues of weak connections or inability to stream Netflix at the pool etc. 

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. Tenerife is a place of natural beauty, so there are lots of nice hikes, walks, and areas to visit. The Los Gigantes Cliffs are a stunning location, with the cliffs measuring up to 800 meters in height they really are an impressive spectacle.  Located on the West side of the island, it’s only around a 20-minute drive from the Iberostar.