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How to get from Dublin to Cork – Everything you need to know

Dublin and Cork are the two biggest cities in Ireland and are must-sees if you are coming to Ireland. Ireland is a small island, so getting from city to city is pretty convenient. The public transport options are relatively good for the main cities. If you plan on renting a car the road network is also pretty strong too.  

If you are visiting Ireland these are two must-visit cities. One of the really convenient things about Ireland is that it’s such a small island so getting around the cities is not that much hassle.  We do recommend renting a car if you are going to multiple cities, but public transport is available and pretty good. 

Are there buses between Dublin and Cork?

A number of bus companies operate routes between Dublin and Cork with the most efficient and frequent being the Aircoach.  This service actually starts at Dublin airport and stops in the city center, so if you want to start in Dublin and work your way around, you can do that. The bus takes 3 hours and 25 minutes and drops you in Cork city center.  

Our top recommendation is Aircoach, which runs multiple routes throughout the country and is super efficient. There are a number of other providers like GoBus, Expressway, and DublinCoaches that all run a service for that route.

Is there a direct train from Dublin to Cork?

Yes, direct trains run from Dublin Heuston station to Corks central Kent station. Both stations are located right in the city center so they are super convenient to get in and out of.   

There are a number of trains that run throughout the day. Some direct and others stop along the route. If you get the direct train it takes just 2 hours and 30 minutes.  The train costs €47.35 for an adult single and €66.40 for an adult return.  

The route itself is relatively scenic with a lot of green fields and mountains as you travel along the route. 

How much is a bus from Dublin to Cork?

The bus is definitely the most affordable option to get from Dublin to Cork and visa versa. Costing €19 for a single fare and €29 for a return it’s very cheap. There are a few providers that run services between the two cities. 

How far is the drive from Dublin to Cork?

It’s a relatively easy drive from Dublin to Cork with the drive taking 2 hours and 50 minutes. The M8 motorway connects the two cities. It’s quite a scenic drive with makes the hours whiz by. 

Are there tolls between Dublin and Cork?

There are two tolls between Dublin and Cork,  both of these tolls take cards, phone payments, and cash. There is a toll road that bypasses the town of Fermoy. This toll costs €2 for cars and €1 for motorcycles. The other toll bridge is at Portlaoise and is priced the same as the Fermoy bypass toll bridge.  

Are there flights from Dublin to Cork?

At the moment there are no routes between Dublin and Cork. There used to be a number of flights throughout the day, but the route ceased operation a couple of years ago. If you are looking to fly from Dublin to the South West of the country, there are flights from Dublin to Kerry. This route is run by Aer Lingus and runs two times a day.  

The one thing to note for departures from Dublin is that you need to arrive a few hours before your flight, due to the potential security lines at Dublin airport. On the flip side if you are flying from Kerry you can literally arrive at the airport an hour before your flight, breeze through security, and hop on the flight. The joys of a small airport.