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Eurocamp’s Camping Holidays – All your questions answered

For anyone that was born in the 80s and 90s Eurocamps (or Key Camps for my generation) were the pinnacle of summer holidays for those lucky enough to go. Dotted throughout France, Key Camps were the bee’s knees and they want to replicate those wonderful moments with your own family or for a couples getaway is a great option.

The format of the holiday for  Eurocamps is a great idea. A self-catering experience in a sunny climate with a wealth of amenities and things to do in the camp. 

If you have been to Eurocamps recently a lot has changed. The accommodations are super modern, spacious, and well equipped and the facilities match that premium experience. So they are a great choice for your next vacation. 

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and delved into the answers below. 

Are Eurocamp holidays a good holiday?

Eurocamp can be a really good holiday and you can create some great memories. One of the nicest things we like about the Eurocamps experience is the level of flexibility you have. You can bring your dog,  you can cook every night or eat out every night. There’s no cleaning service, so you don’t have to be out of the mobile home at any stage. They’re super flexible holidays, that are perfect for families. 

The mobile home and the campsites have a huge range of amenities and things to do on-site. From swimming pools, playgrounds, and shops on the campsite. As well as cooking facilities in the mobile home yourself.

One of our favorite parts about the Eurocamps experience though is the ability to jump in your car and explore the local area. Getting out and seeing what’s on offer, and sampling the local food scene and culture are what make these vacations. With that, it’s important to choose a resort that is near places of interest if you plan on having an excursion-heavy holiday.  Most of Eurocamp’s locations are located near places of interest, but they are not created equal. 

Is Eurocamp dog friendly?

Yes, the majority of Eurocamp resorts are dog-friendly experiences. If you’re traveling from the UK or Ireland it’s also super convenient to bring along your pooch by getting the ferry across the waters. For example, Brittany Ferries has a number of routes from the UK and Ireland to France and has a number of options to bring your dog on the ferry. Most routes have kennels on board the boats which you can leave them on for your journey, or there are dog-friendly rooms that can also be booked.  

As the camps are self-catering and you have your own space and the dog can have its own patch of land to call it’s own. If you plan on bringing your dog you will need to book your dog in by calling the Eurocamps reservation line to add your dog to the holiday. It’s an additional £3 per night to bring your canine friend along. Check out Eurocamp’s list of the top 10 dog-friendly resorts they have on offer. 

Which Eurocamp is best?

Mostly dotted throughout France, Italy, and Spain. There is a wealth of choice of options and as each of the countries has very different experiences it will depend a lot on your preferred travel destination for which resort will suit you best. There are also resorts in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Croatia. Our personal favorite resort is the Domaine des Ormes location in Brittany. It’s just a short drive from the ferry if you’re coming from the UK or Ireland and the resort has the best amenities of any Eurocamps we have seen. 

If you are looking to travel further South and are looking for guaranteed warm weather, then we recommend checking out the Aloha Village Campsite (Languedoc)

Can you pitch your own tent at Eurocamp?

Yes, it is possible to pitch your own tent at all Eurocamp resorts.  If you don’t fancy bringing your own there is always the option to rent tents as well as mobile homes. If you decide to rent a tent they also come pre-made, so no need to worry about going through the process of putting up the tent. There is also a nice mix of the types of tents on offer. There are more rustic options available if you want 

What do I need to Bring on a Eurocamps holiday?

As Eurocamps are self-catering there are quite a few items that you will need to bring with you. Things like bed linen and towels aren’t included in the base package, so you will need to bring those along with you.

If you aren’t bringing your car or simply don’t want the hassle of bringing your own towels and linen then you can rent them from the campsite, but this does come at an additional cost. 

Do Eurocamps have a kids club?

The short answer is that some of the parks have kids club offerings at them, but overall it’s only a handful of the 150 locations that have this offering. There are two categories of kids clubs. The “Fun Station” and the “Super Fun Station”. 

Each of the offerings is free and included in the price you pay to stay at the relevant parks that offer these kid’s clubs.  The main difference between the two kids club offerings is that the “Super Fun Station” just has a wider amount of activities and schedule compared to the “Fun Station” setup. 

“Fun Station”

Available in 5 parks, these kids’ clubs cater to toddlers all the way up to late teenagers. Each age grouping has a different schedule and all age groups are supervised by qualified professionals. For an in-depth overview of the kids club offering at Eurocamps be sure to check out this article here. 

Does Keycamp still exist?

Keycamp and Eurocamps have been part of the same company for over a decade. In more recent years all Keycamp locations have been rebranded as Eurocamps parks. So, if you are looking for the top-quality campsite that you may have historically experienced at the Keycamp park. Rest assured that you will get the same level of quality at Eurocamps. 

Are there Eurocamps in the UK?

At the moment there are no Eurocamp resorts in the UK. Their locations are isolated to mainland Europe, but with over 150 parks in their portfolio, you won’t be short of locations to choose from. Eurocamp has parks in the following countries France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, and Luxembourg with France having their largest footprint. 

Do Eurocamp caravans have air conditioning?

Not all Eurocamp accommodations have aircon. The only categories that come with aircon are the Aspect and Azure category of accommodations. Even at that not all of the units in those ranges have aircon. Most do, but it’s definitely worth confirming before booking if the level of accommodation has aircon. As it differs from park to park. If the accommodation does have aircon, it will be listed as a feature on the booking website.