Dreams Vista – A Complete Overview

Grade 4.0 out of 5 Stars 

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Located in the gated community of Puerta del Mar this 416-room resort is one of the newest offerings in Cancun. Opened in July 2020, the resort was unlucky with timing as it opened in the middle of the pandemic, but after a good bit of time has passed since opening, they should be hitting their stride now. 

The second you see this resort’s exterior you will be impressed. It’s got a modern aesthetic to it and you can see the finish of it will be good just from the outside. There has been no expense spared in the reaction of this resort, which really adds to the luxury vibes of this spot. 

The resort is rated as a 5-star offering and overall we found that it matched the rating. The fact that it is a new resort adds to the freshness and luxury feel throughout the complex. 


Located in Cancun, Mexico, just North of the main hotel zone. It’s right in the middle of the action of Cancun. Just a 25-minute drive from the airport, it’s a super convenient resort to get in and out of. The resort itself is on a pretty small patch of land and the resort is built up instead of out.  The resort itself has one main building that is 19 floors high, so everything is relatively condensed. 

Top Tips 

  • One of the interesting things about this resort is that all rooms have an ocean view. This is very unique for any resort, which is something we really like. Typically ocean view rooms come at an additional cost, but at the Dreams Vista, it’s included
  • One of the unique things about this Dreams resort is that there aren’t really any sister resorts close by. The nearest resort is the Secrets and Dreams Playa Mujeres which is around a 20-minute drive away. So, if you’re a fan of the AM resorts Sip, Saviour, and See feature it will be a bit more difficult to use at this location
  • The spa at the Dreams Vista is really nice. It’s pure luxury and is very quiet. If you are a preferred club guest you get complimentary access to use the hydrotherapy run at the spa. This is well worth doing and super relaxing
  • This resort is quite different from any other resort we have visited due to its layout. Layed out more so like a traditional city hotel where everything is located in one building.  Usually, at resorts, everything is spaced out across a sprawling footprint. While at the Dreams Vista everything is under one roof. We actually enjoyed this,  it was very handy to be able to walk indoors to everything especially when the weather wasn’t great on a few of the days
  • If you are looking for a resort with a strong beach, this is probably not the resort for you. The offering at the Dreams Vista is quite small. The rooftop pool makes up for the lack of beach though from our point of view.  


Overall, the process is super smooth. Once we arrived we were greeted by staff members who will take your bags. We were then greeted by another staff member with a glass of bubbly and a cold towel. We were brought to an empty check-in desk and went through the process in a matter of minutes. The lady that checked us in was really detailed in letting us know information about the resort.  The amenities, restaurants, and privileges we had as preferred guests.  

Is the Dreams Vista a child-friendly resort?

Yes, the Dreams resort is a family-friendly offering and there are loads of activities and elements that cater to kids. The facilities they have for kids here are one of the best we have seen at any resort. Everything is brand new and they have really thought about everything a kid could want. 

If you are staying in a Preferred club room they have a really good feature where you can rent video game consoles and games at no extra cost. This is a great service and a great way to keep them entertained.  

There is a really great kids club on offer here. The kids club is broken down into two age groups.  The explorer club is for kids aged 3 – 12 years old and the core zone is for teens aged 13 -17 years old. Both of the clubs are open between 10 am and 6 pm.


There is effectively one main pool at the Dreams Vista with another few pools throughout the main building. This pool is one of the longest pools we have ever seen. It runs along the whole back of the resort with some great views out onto the golf course. There are loads of sun loungers available throughout. The one thing that this didn’t have were Bali beds and areas that were a bit secluded. The pool here wasn’t our favorite spot, but it was very serviceable. 

The other pool at this resort is the rooftop pool and this is a really special spot. The views from this pool are truly spectacular and it’s one of the most impressive rooftop pools we have seen in a while. 

It has 180-degree views of the ocean, golf course, and surrounding areas and the infinite element really adds to the aesthetic of the area. The seating area by the pool is completely shaded, so if this is your vibe it’s the perfect spot. If you’re a sun worshipper there are sun loungers in the water. This pool is an adults-only offering, so if you want to get from your kids or someone else’s kids you can set up shop here. 

The best amenity was definitely the surf machine. We had so much fun playing around on this and face planting in the water.  


The Dreams Vista is affiliated with the Playa Mujeres golf course which is around a 25-minute drive away from the resort.  Honestly, if you are going for a golfing holiday or plan on playing a couple of times, it probably makes more sense to stay in the Dreams of Secrets Playa Mujeres. Both of these resorts are located right next to the golf course, so from a convenience standpoint. They can’t be beaten. 

The Puerto Cancun Golf Course is right next door to the resort, but there doesn’t seem to be as strong a linkage between the resort and the course. You can get a special rate which includes two rounds of golf and a golf cart for $199, but the Playa Mujeres course is a better course and better value.

Things to do during the day 

During the day the staff at the Dreams put on a huge amount of activities to keep the guests entertained. Some of our highlights were the tequila tasting and the remote control ships that were provided. From a fitness standpoint, they also do pilates and yoga classes on the pier in the morning times, which is the perfect way to start your day.

Things to do during the night 

Although the Dreams resort is located in the main hotel zone, this is not a party resort. There is definitely a good atmosphere, but it doesn’t have the young college student vibe that some of the resorts in the area have. 

There is a huge range of activities on the doorstep of the resort too. As the resort is so close to the main area of Cancun. You would be remiss not to take in a night on the town.  

There is also a huge range of events put on by the resort in the evening. From themed nights, musical acts, and cinema evenings. It is a little more refined compared to some of the bigger resorts, but honestly, we prefer that.


Firstly, let’s start off by saying this is not a resort with a strong beach offering.  If you are looking for a resort in Cancun with a nice beach we suggest looking at the Dreams Playa Mujeres. The beach here is around 20 meters long and it’s not 100% private, so you do have some footfall of non-Dreams guests walking through the beach.  

There are two areas of the beach, the preferred club area, and the main area. Both parts of the beach are quite small with around 20 sun loungers on each side.  So, if you want a spot, you will need to be down early. Another thing to note is that there are no Bali beds on the beach or around the pool here, which was disappointing. 

The beach here is going to get some protection from Isla Mujeres, similar to the beaches of Playa Mujeres, but as it’s a little bit further south it’s more open to the elements. The water at the beach was quite nice. There wasn’t much seaweed and the waters were quite calm. 


Offering up a full spa menu as well as hydrotherapy run the spa at the Dream Vista is a really nice spot. The treatments are definitely on the more expensive side, but it is a 5-star resort. Relaxation massages start at $155 for a 60-minute session.  Be sure to check the app though as there are daily specials. On Mondays, they usually offer a 50-minute couples massage for $230, which is a really good deal. 

The Service  

This is one of the strongest areas of the Dreams Vista. Although typically with new resorts there is a learning curve of a few years for the staff. At the Dreams Vista the management has done a great job in recruiting and training the staff to a really high level. Overall, the service at this resort warrants its 5-star rating.  


The service here is impeccable and there are always staff members cleaning the resort. From a housekeeping perspective, they come in the morning for the main cleaning and in the evening for short turndown service. They are really consistent in timings and you can always ask them to come back at a later stage. The staff is super flexible. 


There are a few different options when it comes to rooms at the Dreams Vista. It’s not too overwhelming in regard to the range of choices. Which we love to see. All of the rooms have a nice design to them and they are all well-sized. The only drawback is that there are some rooms that come with Preferred status while the standard offering does not. 

One of the biggest benefits of the Dreams Vistas is that all of the rooms will have ocean views because of its high-rise orientation. Preferred status can be added to all of the suites available in the Dreams Vista. All of the suites do have a mini-bar in them and they are included in the all-inclusive package. 


This is the standard suite on the resort and they have most of these suites in the resort. The room itself has a nice aesthetic to it and was more than big enough for a couple or two friends visiting. You can also get these rooms as a connecting option. These are known as Deluxe Family suites. 

All of the deluxe suites come with the option of a king bed or two double beds. The one note on these suites is that the shower is pretty open to the main area of the suite. So, if you are traveling with friends this may not be ideal. 

Corner Suite (Preferred Club)

These corner suites are perfect for couples looking for a great getaway. They are a little smaller than the master suite, but they have a great configuration to them. They’re a great large living room area and the wrap-around balcony is really impressive. 

Honeymoon Suite (Preferred Club)

These suites are very similar to the deluxe suites with the main difference being that there is a bath tube located within the main bedroom area. 

Master Suite (Preferred Club)

These suites are super impressive. If your celebrating or just looking to be fancy these suites are the ones for you. These suites have a complete wrap-around balcony. A king-sized bed, a living room, and two bathrooms. The design of these rooms is really premium too and the separate configuration of the suites makes it feel like you are in your own private apartment. These suites also have the best views of the resort. 

Presidential Suite (Preferred Club)

Let’s start off by saying, these suites ain’t cheap. On average a nightly rate in a presidential suite will be $595 a night. In the grand scheme of things, it is not the worst, considering other premium suites in comparable resorts can cost a few thousand dollars. The making of these suites is the view. You get 180-degree views of the ocean and golf course.

Price Range + Packages 

In general, this is a well-priced resort.  It’s definitely one that you can get a good deal at, due to its newness and the fact that it’s just outside of the main hotel zone. 

If you are looking for the most competitive prices, then we recommend visiting in September and October. This time of the year is categorized as Hurricane season, so the prices are lower. We have visited multiple times during Hurricane season and have never had an issue, so don’t be put off booking during this timeframe.

What’s included in the all-inclusive package 

All food, drinks, entertainment, lodging, taxes, and tips are included in the all-inclusive package. The Dreams resorts have branded their all-inclusive packages as “Unlimited Luxury”, but honestly it’s pretty much the same offering as most all-inclusive resorts. Sometimes resorts wont have beach and pool service, which the Dreams do and on occasion, Mini-bars won’t be included in the cost of the package, but again the Dreams does include this. 

Food + Restaurant Options 

Overall the food at the Dreams is relatively consistent. Put it this way, there are definitely better food offerings in the Cancun area, but the Dreams Vista does put a decent foot forward. They have a nice range of choices, the service is really good and the consistency is good. We ranked some, but not all of the restaurants below. 

Ranking the Restaurants

  1. Himitsu

Only open for dinner, this is one of our favorite spots. It’s basically split in two in terms of the offering. There is a Teppanyaki experience that requires a reservation and is a real experience. Then there is the main part of the restaurant which is a pan-Asian offering. The range of dishes is stellar and the sushi here is of great quality. To book the Teppanyaki, you can do that through the app. The restaurant is situated on the 17th floor too, so there are some super views.  

  1. Bluewater Grill (Adults Only)

Serving up Mediterranean food. The experience at the Bluewater is really good. The location of this restaurant is truly stunning. Located on the rooftop there are some serious views of the surrounding areas. We also really liked the layout of this spot. There are indoor and outdoor dining options and the design of the restaurant was very nice. 

Open for dinner and lunch, the lunch serving is only available to reserve status guests. As you can probably guess from the name, the Bluewater serves a lot of seafood and our recommendations are clam chowder and Salmon. They serve steaks here, but the quality isn’t great. 

  1. World Cafe Buffet

This is the main buffet offering at the resort. You will be pleasantly surprised with the standard of food on offer here. Buffets are always so hit and miss, but at the Dreams Vista, the world cafe does it well.

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s definitely busiest in the morning times, but don’t sleep during the lunch and dinner sittings. It’s not as busy and the dishes are really consistent. There is a great kids area here too that will cater to the pickiest of eaters. 

  1. Mi Lucrecia 

Only open for dinner, this sit-down Mexican restaurant serves up some lovely local dishes, and its one of the better restaurants at the Dreams Vista. They actually do pretty decent Mexican food, which cannot be said for a lot of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. 

Some of our top recommendations are the Banana Fried salad and the Barbacoa. Typically Mi Lucrecia is closed on Saturday nights but is open every other night. 

  1. Portofino 

The Italian offering on the resort, we would not categorize this as one of the stronger options on the resort.  It was very unauthentic and the dishes were poorly cooked. Both the pizza and pasta can be a little hit and miss and consistency is definitely an issue. We wouldn’t recommend this spot. The menu itself was quite nice, so hopefully, it’s just teething problems.

Coffee/Light Bite option

Coco Cafe

This chic spot has a contemporary design to it and serves up coffees, pastries, and ice creams with some stunning ocean views. The ice cream here is unreal. It’s the perfect spot to get some post-dinner treats each evening. In the morning Coco cafe is super busy as everyone gets their specialty coffees to start the day. The baristas and the quality of the coffee are really good. 

Bars and Drinks Offering 

With 6 bars throughout the resort, you are never too far away from a cold one. 6 bars for a resort that has over 400 rooms may not sound like a lot, but considering the configuration of the resort, it actually works.

Is the Preferred Status Worth it?

Most all-inclusive resorts offer premium clubs and honestly, they are hit and miss in regards to the value you get. There are a ton of features you get with preferred status such as private check-in, premium club access, concierge service, etc. We have highlighted the features that we saw the most value in. 

Access to Preferred Club + Private Beach & Pool Areas 

As the resort isn’t massive from a footprint standpoint we found that the access to areas where there was limited capacity was very beneficial. The main pool area isn’t huge, so it can get quite busy and be a little difficult to get a sun lounger at peak times. With the preferred club, there is a reserved area where the capacity is limited, so you are guaranteed a secluded spot. 

Upgraded Mini Bar & Access to Top Shelf Drinks

The drinks selection overall is quite good, but if you are a preferred guest you get an even more premium offering.  You’re Mini-bar is upgraded to include the likes of Hendricks Gin, 

Overall, we would say that the preferred club is a nice have, but isn’t a must-have. The biggest game changer for us is the upgraded liquor drink options. So if that’s a priority for you, then go for it. 

Dreams Vista vs Dreams Playa Mujeres – Which should I visit?

Located just a 20-minute drive from one another you are probably asking yourself which one should I choose. Both resorts are good options, with each one catering to a slightly different experience.  The vista is closer to the action that Cancun has to offer, while the Playa Mujeres resort is a little further out and secluded. The Playa Mujeres also has a much better beach and sits on a larger footprint. So, if you’re looking to chill by the beach and find secluded areas, then the Playa Mujeres resort is for you. 

Is there a Dress Code in place?

Yes, there is a dress code in place at some restaurants. So, be sure to double-check before going out for dinner each night. Overall, we would say that the dress code isn’t strongly enforced. You can usually get away with wearing what you want on most occasions. When you pack it’s definitely worth taking a look at their descriptions of the dress codes and packing appropriately. 


This is pretty much that you can wear anything that you want.  Most of the lunch and breakfast spots have a casual dress code. The only main callouts for things you can’t wear here are tank tops for the men and women must wear cover-ups if they are wearing bathing suits. 

Casual Elegance 

The difference here for men is that long pants are required. You can wear t-shirts or shirts, but again no tank tops.  For the women mostly anything goes.  


This was fairly straightforward in their definition of formal. For the menu, it was long pants and collared shirts. They said dress shoes in their descriptions, but I wore sneakers every time and had no issues.  For the women, it’s recommended that you wear either blouses, skirts, slacks or dresses, but again it’s pretty flexible. 


The cost of tipping should be based on the overall cost of your vacation. So, before you travel you should make sure that you bring a certain amount of cash with you to tip. The staff at all-inclusive resorts work so hard and really do rely on tips and although resorts will say that tips and taxes are included in the cost of the package. It’s important that you tip the staff.

In general, we advise that you tip $1 per drink and $5- $10 per meal. This tip amount will depend on the meal time and obviously the quality of the service. 


Overall, Dreams Vista is a solid resort. Given that this is a resort that you can bag a bargain at and their more premium rooms are relatively well priced. We do think that this is a resort worth considering. 

There are some drawbacks like the lack of a beach and a portion of the pool is nearly always in the shade, but given the newness of the resort and the price point, it’s worth a visit. 

This resort is definitely best suited for couples or groups of friends who a looking for a premium experience in a laid-back resort away from the base and partying of the main hotel zone.


Q. Does the Dreams Vista offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. There is no complimentary shuttle service that is available from the resort, but there are a number of providers that offer private and shared transfers. We recommend going with HappyShuttle Cancun. We have used them before and they are great.

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guests and it is complimentary.

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available to you in your suite as well as throughout the resort. As the resort has a relatively small footprint the signal is strong throughout the whole resort. 

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. Cancun has a huge amount on offer. From the shopping and partying in the town of Cancun to the cultural experience of visiting the Chitchen Itza.