Atelier Playa Mujeres – A Comprehensive Overview

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.2 stars out of 5

Overview of the Atelier Playa Mujeres Resort

The Atelier Playa Mujeres is a luxury 5-star offering that really does live up to its luxury rating. Located in the area of Playa Mujeres this location is a hotbed for top-quality all-inclusive offerings, so our expectations before we visited were very high.  

There are 430 suites in the resort with all of the room categories you would expect. So, this is definitely on the bigger side. Our one biggest worry with larger resorts is that they can lose their personal touch given their size, but we were pleasantly surprised with the consistency and standard of service throughout our stay.  

The aesthetic of this resort is really nice.  It feels like an exclusive boutique hotel with its modern contemporary architecture and design. What we also really liked was that the resort was surrounded by forest. It gave it great tropical vibes. 

When we stayed we were in an Inspira junior suite oceanfront room. Our review is based on our experiences during our stay. 

Top Tips 

  • The Atelier offers the Dine-Around benefit which allows guests to sample the foods at the sister restaurant to the Atelier, the Estudio. This means you have a choice of 26 restaurants across the two resorts. The Estudio is located right beside the Atelier resort
  • The Atelier resort has an app that you can use for multiple things throughout the resort. Want to book a restaurant for the evening and an appointment at the spa you can do it all from the app. It’s also a wealth of information. For any of the activities happening the next day or if you’re just looking for a resort map, It’s all in the app
  • Although this isn’t really a tip, this was a really nice touch from the Atelier. Instead of a room key the Atelier gives you a  bracelet that you wear throughout your stay. With this bracelet you can access your room which is very convenient
  • One of the most practical features of the resort is the juice bar which is located directly across from the gym. This is the perfect spot to grab a post workout protein shake or to rehydrate your body with a delicious smoothie
  • Make sure to make the most of the infinity pool and the El Cielo Sky bar. This is definitely the most impressive spot in the resort and the perfect place to relax for the day.  The important thing to note is that in the evening time it’s only available to Inspira guests.  So, if you’re in a normal room make sure to make the most of it during the day
  • If you’re leaving the resort at all during the week or even on your last day. You can call up room service and ask them to make you a packed lunch to be delivered to your room in the morning. This is really convenient and a great way of maximising the value of your stay
  • Another way to maximise the value of your stay is on the day you’re leaving if your flight is in the evening. You can use the facilities, eat the food and drink until you need to depart for the airport.  So, if you really want to extend your vacation. Book an evening flight. The concierge staff will mind your bags once you check out and there are changing/ shower facilities that you can use before you head off to the airport. 


As you walk into the resort you will arrive at a stunning reception area. The resort has a contemporary design and almost feels like a boutique hotel. From the second you walk into the resort you can see that this is a luxurious resort.

The process was super smooth. We were checked in, in a matter of minutes. We were greeted with a welcome cocktail which was a nice touch and our bags were taken from us.  The check-in staff was really great at explaining everything we had access to in the resort.  They guided us to download their app. On the app, there is a host of information about the resort. You can make bookings in the spa and restaurants and overall we found it a very useful tool. 


Just a 30-minute drive from Cancun International airport. This is a very convenient location. If you’re looking for a more secluded location away from the main hotel zone, then the Playa Mujeres location is the spot for you. The main hotel and party zone of Cancun are just a 15-minute drive away, so if you’re interested in that it’s still a commutable distance away. 

Playa Mujeres is our favorite spot for resorts in the Cancun area with a great beach and the level of seclusion that we talked about really is a winner. The resort is also within a gated community, so the area itself is a very safe location. What we really like about this part of Mexico too is that there is a huge amount of cultural and outdoor things to do within a short driving distance.  

Is the Atelier Playa Mujeres Adults only?

Yes, it is an adults-only resort,  but the resort does categorize adults in a rather unique way.  Typically with all-inclusive resorts, adults are defined as anyone 18 and above, but the Atelier is 16 and above. If you have older teenagers and are keen to go to an adults-only resort then this is a great option for you. 

If you have younger kids and are looking for somewhere to stay in the Playa Mujeres area then we highly recommend checking out the Finest Playa Mujeres, this family-friendly resort is one of our highest-scoring resorts. You can check out the article below.


As a whole, this resort has invested a lot in technology. From their very useful app, daily activities showing on the TV to the switch by your room doors that indicated whether or not you want your room cleaned. They also heavily invested in a ton of amenities throughout the resort. With a plethora of pools and some of these pools are incredibly impressive, tennis courts, paddleball courts and so much more. You will not get bored.

Photo by Atelier Playa Mujeres


The Playa Mujeres golf course is located within the overall complex of the resorts in this area.  This course is of a pretty decent standard. It is quite pricey but very convenient to the Atelier and there are weekly and multi-round offers available. If you are staying in an Inspira room and staying 5 nights or more you will get two complimentary rounds of golf for free. You will obviously need to pay for club rentals if you don’t bring your own and the Playa Mujeres course does make you pay for golf cart rental, so it does work out quite pricey.  

Things to do during the day 

We have to give credit to the Atelier, they have such a wide and varied range of activities on offer throughout the day. They also do a great job of letting you know what’s on throughout the day with screens showing the day’s activities as well as the app which includes the activities for the next day. 

We really enjoyed the Yoga classes and the Tequila tasting. There was always live music throughout the day in some parts of the resort. 

Things to do during the night 

The evening entertainment is not our scene, but again the Atelier makes a great offer in keeping you entertained. With themed nights, dance and music performances,s and tribute act there’s something new on each evening. 

There is also a disco that is open every night.  We actually never made it there, as it’s not really our vibe, but it opens at 11.30, so if you want to party the night away this is the perfect spot to do it in. 


It’s a wonderfully stocked gym with more than enough equipment to facilitate the size of the resort. With a range of cardio equipment, machine, and free weights.  It has everything you need to get a solid workout in. All of the equipment in the gym is Technogym equipment and the room itself is very spacious and airy. 


Photo by Atelier Playa Mujeres

The beach in Playa Mujeres is one of the better ones in the Cancun area. If you have been to Cancun before, you know that the beach at the main tourist area can have very rough seas. 

At the Playa Mujeres beach because it is protected by Isla Mujeres the waters here are relatively calm. So if you fancy a dip in the ocean or you want to make the most of the paddleboards that are supplied by the resort, you can do so here.  

Like a lot of beaches in the Cancun area, seagrass is an issue. The Atelier is no different. The staff does work tirelessly to keep the beach clean and in fairness, the seagrass isn’t as prevalent as we have seen in other resorts. Isla Mujeres comes to the rescue again, so the seagrass is not as intense as other beaches in Cancun. 

There are loads of sun loungers and cabanas at the beach. The cabanas are first come first serve, so if you want one for the day make sure to get down there early. There was a great drinks service at the beach which is table stakes for any luxury all-inclusive resort. The one thing we were a little disappointed with was that there was no food service on the beach, so the Atelier definitely lost points for that. 


Nuup Spa has a full Spa menu on offer as well as a full hydrotherapy setup. The spa facilities are nice, but the treatments and massage here are definitely on the pricier side. A 50-minute deep tissue massage will set you back $200 USD. So, be prepared to pay if you want a massage.  

There is also a beauty salon on-site, so if you are looking to get glam up or are having your wedding here and need a make-up artist/ hairstylist. They can cater for you here. 

The Service  

Throughout the resort pretty much every member of staff that we dealt with was really good and attentive. The one area that we were a little disappointed with was that there didn’t seem to be enough staff working in the resort. So, it sometimes meant that you were waiting a while to get a drink by the pool. It seemed to be isolated to the pool service. Most of the restaurants seemed adequately staffed. It definitely did take away from the luxury feeling though. 


The resort was impeccably clean. We didn’t see any bit of rubbish or empty glasses around. The housekeeping team was really consistent. The rooms were also really cleaned very thoroughly throughout. They were also very consistent in terms of the timing of the room cleaning. Every day, like clockwork they were there to clean the room for the morning cleaning at 11.15 am. 

Booking During Covid 

The Atelier group of hotels is advertised as having robust plans and protections in place for visitors traveling during Covid. The cleaning plan is very thorough and they seem to be taking every precaution necessary to make sure their resorts are safe environments, but there are definitely a few areas where the Atelier is not as competitive compared to most other resorts. 

Where I think the Atelier’s Covid procedures are left a little wanting are their testing options and the lack of insurance available if you get Covid when on vacation.  Most resorts are offering free antigen and PCR tests prior to departure. At ​Atelier only the antigen tests are included. The PCR test comes at an additional cost. 

There was also no coverage related to room insurance if you do contract Covid while on Vacation and therefore cant travel back to your country. So, we highly recommend getting travel insurance. With all of the COVID protections, we recommend checking Atelier’s website to see if those features are still available when you’re booking.


There are 5 different room types at the Atelier and honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. As we mentioned we were staying in an Inspira Junior suite. Like the rest of the resort, the rooms have wonderful decor. What we really liked about the room was that the bathroom can be open plan or private. They have some wonderfully designed sliding doors, so your experience can be whatever you prefer.  

Another great thing we liked about the rooms here was that they came with really great toiletries. You name it and they had it. From mouthwash, sunscreen, and bug spray they literally provided everything. All of the shampoos and shower gels were also the brand Molton Brown, which was a nice touch. 

Junior Suite 

Photo by Atelier Playa Mujeres

The junior suite has a king-sized bed, which is super comfortable. A small seating area and a nice balcony. This suite size is actually quite good coming in at 59 m2. Whether you go for an Inspira Junior suite or the standard offering the room you get will be the exact same. The only difference will be the access to the Inspira features.  

Overall, we were very happy with our room. The living area in the room and the balcony were on the smaller side. These rooms are a little bit smaller when you compare them to the rooms in all three of the Excellence resorts in Playa Mujeres, but only by a slim margin. 

There are a few options for Junior suites. You have the typical garden view or ocean view choice as well as suites with a swim-up pool. The Junior Suite is the only room on the resort that is available without the Inspira club. 

Inspira Rooftop Suite 

This is a truly impressive room and if you’re looking to treat yourself this is the spot for you. The room itself is  75 m2 which is a really good-sized room. There is a large bed and a nice-sized seating/living area. What’s most impressive about this room is the rooftop.  

Inspira Master Suite 

This Master Suite is the most impressive suite in the resort. There is a super luxurious living area, a really nice bedroom. Coming in at 181sqm the room itself is huge with an additional 92sqm of outdoor space you really won’t have to leave the suite if you don’t want to. 

Included in this suite is a rolling bar with top-shelf options that are available in the Inspira suites.  

Inspira Village 

This village is meant for a group of friends or a group of golfers. It combines three Inspira Junior Suites and comes with a really decent outside space that has a really big pool with some great views of the ocean and a golf course below.  

What’s included in the all-inclusive package?

Most meals, drinks, amenities, and entertainment are included in your package.  There are a few additional costs that are available such as the Maria Dolores restaurant if you’re staying less than 7 days. Most drinks are included, but if you want a specific bottle of wine with dinner that will come at an additional cost. 

There are minibars and snacks that are included in all rooms. These minibars are included in your package and are restocked daily. In them are beers, sodas and waters and some beers. There are also bottles of liquor in the rooms. When we visited they had Jack Daniels, Herradura tequila, a rum, and two other bottles of alcohol which we didn’t know what they were.  

Food + Restaurant Options 

With 8 restaurants, 7 bars, and a coffee shop the Atelier has a great range of offerings. There is also 24/7 room service available with a pretty large menu. Overall the quality of the food on offer was up there with one of the best all-inclusive offerings we have experienced. You can see that they put emphasis on producing top quality food and we found that all of the restaurants had a consistent level of standard. 

Los Abrazos 

Located on the 5th floor overlooking the infinity pool, it’s a really impressive location for a meal.  This steakhouse serves up some really top-quality food.  One of the main issues we have with all-inclusive resorts is sometimes the produce can be hit and miss, but the steaks here are of really good quality. 

We had the fillet steaks when we ate here and they literally melt in your mouth. The cocktail menu here is also very strong and this was one of our top restaurants in the resort. The one area that we were a little disappointed in at this restaurant was that we had asked for our steaks to be medium rare and they were served medium-rare. They also have a really nice salad bar here which we really enjoyed.  


Open for lunch and dinner. This is the Italian offering at the resort. This was really good.  Typically in all-inclusive resorts, the pizzas are a little hit or miss, but these wood-fired pizzas were really good and we recommend trying the pizzas when you visit. The pasta dishes were also good, not as good as the Pizzas, but still nice. We had Carbonara and the pancetta in the dish was a little overcooked. 

The views from this restaurant are really nice. They are overlooking the forest and the ocean in the background and there is a row of tables out on the balcony that was the best place to eat.   

Maria Dolores

This fine-dining restaurant has an interesting setup. If you have booked 7 days or more at this resort. A meal at the Maria Dolores is included in your package. If you are staying for less than 7 days then eating at this restaurant will come at an additional cost. 


An Asian restaurant serving up all of your favorite dishes. It serves up a mix of Asian cuisines. When we ate there we went for mostly Sushi dishes as it is our favorite type of food and sadly we were a little disappointed in the quality of fish. We ordered the tuna sashimi and it was too chewy for our liking.  

Mercado 19 

The main buffet of the resort has a wide and varied choice of dishes. The food here was very consistent. We ate breakfast here most days and really enjoyed this spot. The Mexican coffee was very traditional and delicious. Our favorite area at buffets for breakfasts is definitely the omelette station and Martha who worked at the station produced some top-quality omelettes. The lunch and dinner options were also pretty good 

Is there a Dress Code at the Atelier?

Yes, most of the sit-down restaurants have a dress code in place and they range from “relaxed casual” to “resort elegant”. Now there isn’t really a definition for what these mean, but we assumed that relaxed casual was that you could pretty much get away with wearing anything except for tank tops for the men. For the “resort elegant” we assumed this was a shirt and slacks for the men and a casual dress for the ladies. Honestly, though the Atelier seemed pretty relaxed on the dress code, so you don’t have to stress about the dress code. 


El Cielo Sky Bar

This was definitely our favorite location in the resort.  Located on the 5th floor, there are some really stunning views of the ocean, golf course, and the vegetation surrounding the resort. There is a really impressive infinity pool with some great seating areas to grab a drink at.  During the day this bar and area are available to all guests, but after 6 pm this area is reserved for Inspira guests only.  

El Deseo 

This is the main entertainment area. All of the evening entertainment takes place here and the setup here is very nice. 

Is the Inspira Club Worth it?

There are a range of benefits if you are part of the Inspira club. A lot of times when we visit resorts the premium clubs have a lot of features but not many of them actually add value. Here at the Atelier, there were a large number of benefits that we felt actually warranted the additional cost.  

One of the interesting things about the Junior suites is that they are identical whether you get an Inspira one or a normal one. Usually, at resorts, it’s the opposite with the deluxe rooms coming with a different design or larger square feet, but at the Atelier they are exactly the same.  

Below are the benefits we saw the most value in. 

The Sky Infinity Pool + El Cielo Sky Bar

Only available to Inspira guests in the evening, the sky infinity pool is really impressive. Located on the 5th floor this infinite pool has stunning views of the resort below and the ocean. There are some really nice seating areas here which make this the perfect spot for a pre-dinner drink or spending the day soaking up the sun. 

Inspira Beach

If you book an Inspira room you get access to a private beach area. The beach area here is relatively large and it didn’t look like guests in the Non-Inspira rooms had many issues getting sun loungers. It was nice to know that we never needed to worry about it as the Inspira area was always very quiet which heightened our state of relaxation. There are some lovely touches in this area such as complimentary sunscreen and bug repellent. 

Two Rounds of Golf 

If you’re staying 7 nights or more in any Inspira suite category you get two free rounds of golf at the local Playa Mujeres course. I would advise that you book early if you plan on using them as it can be difficult to get tea time at this course. 

Early Check-In

This is table stakes when it comes to premium rooms/clubs in all-inclusive. Usually, if you ring beforehand most resorts no matter what room category you are in will try and cater for you. It is nice having this and not having to ask though.  

Complimentary Dinner at the María Dolores by Edgar Nuñez

This is the one restaurant in the resort that is not included in the all-inclusive package. Although if you are in an Inspira room you get one meal here.  This is the most premium restaurant on the resort and they are really going for a fine-dining approach. Regular guests have to pay a premium for this restaurant and the food is really good, so it is a great benefit. 


Although taxes and gratuities are included in your all-inclusive package you should be baking in tipping to the cost of the overall trip. When we visit an all-inclusive resort, we always bring along US dollars as its easiest. As a rule of thumb, we tip $1 per drink and $5-$10 per meal. 

With all-inclusive resorts, especially in Mexico. The staff doesn’t get paid a huge amount and given the quality of service that the staff at the Atelier provide tipping should be considered mandatory in our opinion. 


The Atelier is one of the top resorts in the Cancun region. The Playa Mujeres area has some serious competition for 5-star inclusive resorts with the Excellence chain of resorts also in the Playa Mujeres area. Given the Atelier’s price point is a little bit cheaper than the Beloved and Excellence Playa Mujeres this resort definitely should be considered given the wonderful stay we had here. 

There were one of two red marks for the Atelier. The like of food service on the beach was a standout for us, but we were really splitting hairs here as the overall experience was top-notch.  You really can’t go wrong booking a vacation here. It caters perfectly to an adults-only luxury experience. 


Q. Does the Atelier offer a shuttle service from the Airport 

A. Yes, a shuttle service from the airport can be requested. They do advise that you ring before your trip to check availability. If you don’t book before 72 hours you run the risk of there being a surcharge for the service. So, we advise pre-booking. 

Q. Is parking available at the resort 

A. Yes, parking is available for guests and it is complimentary 

Q. Is Wi-Fi included

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available to you in your suite as well as throughout the resort. We found the speeds to be really good.  We had no issues making WhatsApp calls or streaming Netflix or Youtube throughout the resort. 

Q. What local attractions are there?

A. There are loads to see in Cancun.  All of the typical tourist activities such as boat trips, aquariums, and water sports are available in Cancun, but this region of Mexico is also steeped in history.  We highly recommend checking out the Chichen Itza which are super impressive and take you back to Mayan times.  Just a few hour’s drive from Cancun, it’s a great day out. 

Q. Is the Atelier a dog-friendly resort?

A. Yes, it is a dog-friendly resort. There is an additional cost if you want to bring your dog and be sure to confirm with the resort before planning your trip.