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All You Can Eat Sushi Orlando: The Best Sushi Spots You Need to Try

Although Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. There is a thriving food scene that has been bubbling for a number of years now. Orlando has a diverse range of cuisines and Japanese food is plentiful around here.  

All-you-can-eat options are also super popular with a huge amount of choice. From Korean BBQ, Chinese, Seafood, and Sushi.  Our list goes through the top AYCE sushi joints in and around the Orlando area, plus our top picks for overall sushi spots in the area. 

  1. Tokyo’s Steak House & Sushi Bar

Address: 6481 S Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL 32829, United States

Price Range –  $23.99 

This is by far the best option for AYCE sushi in Orlando. If you’re a local you know this is a hidden gem. A little bit off the beaten track near Orlando International airport the sushi here is really good. When you walk up to this place it’s pretty inconspicuous from the outside. Situated in the strip mall this place has the vibes of a legitimate sushi spot from the second you see it.  

Although Tokyo Steakhouse + Sushi Bar doesn’t offer AYCE every day, On Tuesdays and Sundays they have an AYCE sushi option. The AYCE option includes one Appetizer of your choice, which is a nice touch. The price point here is also super competitive considering the quality of sushi that you get. This is a must-visit spot. It’s definitely worth traveling to. 

When ordering you can start by ordering three different types of rolls and then after that, it’s one at a time. This is to help cut down on food waste. The service here is pretty good, so the limitations on subsequent orders aren’t really an issue. Their specialty rolls are delicious and the Texas Ranger and Diablo rolls were our favorites. They also have a nice cooked food offering too.  

  1. Mito Sushi & Grill

Address: 6764 Eagle Watch Dr, Orlando, FL 32822, United States

Price Range –  $30.00

Mito actually has two locations in Orlando, but the one we tried was the Eagle Watch Drive location. Again this restaurant is out near the airport, so it’s a little more off the beaten track, but well worth a visit. 

The all-you-can-eat option will set you back $30, which honestly is a pretty competitive price.  The freshness of the sushi here is really good. You can taste it and it’s clear that the sushi is made to order at Mito.

They also offer a solid happy hour menu,  so if you don’t fancy going the whole hog with the AYCE. The happy hour offers all of the staples at great prices.  Dishes like Spicy Tuna roll, Salmon + Avocado, and Shrimp tempura rolls all for around $3 bucks. You get 4 pieces in the Maki roll options, so it’s really decent value. 

The service here is also super quick, so it means that you can get a good amount of orders in before you get too full. 

  1. Izziban Sushi & BBQ

Address: 5310 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32807, United States

Price Range –  $36.99

This is an interesting one. It’s a mix of cuisines on offer at Izziban Sushi & BBQ and honestly, this is normally a red flag that they won’t manage to deliver on either option. We were pleasantly surprised by both the sushi and Korean BBQ. They were both super tasty and it was a pretty cool experience. 

It’s on the pricier side compared to most of the other spots on the lists, but when you add in the Korean BBQ it’s actually not the worst.  Just make sure you come hungry. 

The meats that get as part of the Korean bbq side are good quality and they have a solid selection of vegetables and sauces that you can take yourself. From the sushi side, the salmon sashimi was probably the best dish.  

  1. Mikado Japanese Seafood Buffett 

Address: 851 S State Rd 434 #1130, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, United States

Price Range –  $16 – 32

Although this isn’t a standalone sushi buffet, there is a really great option for a Japanese buffet. They have everything you can imagine on offer here with Sushi, a hibachi area, ramen + udon station,  seafood, fried foods, and a great dessert station too. They even have snow crabs, which is a super-premium offering for the price point. Our standout option was definitely the Lobster tempura roll. This was delicious and the quality of the lobster was very good. 

One really nice touch that they also offered was that you could get Boba tea as well, which was the perfect end to a delicious meal. Mikado is probably one of the best seafood buffets in Orlando and with the price per person coming in around $16 for lunch and $30 for dinner, you really got go wrong trying this spot. 

  1. Hand Roll Sushi

Address: 6996 Piazza Grande Ave #100, Orlando, FL 32835, United States

Price Range –  $

Hand Roll would have ranked higher, but they have actually removed its AYCE sushi option. Since Covid began we have not seen its AYCE offering available. That’s not to say that Hand Roll sushi isn’t worth a visit, you’ll just have to pay per dish. Signature rolls cost around $10, which is pretty good value. The sushi here is tasty and fresh, if we had one complaint it would probably be that for the rolls there is a high ratio of rice to fish. 

Located in Hunters Creek it’s a bit of a drive outside of the main area of Orlando. They do have two other locations in Orlando. One in Ocoee and another in Metro West, but the Hunters Creek spot is definitely the best option. 

Pound for Pound Best Sushi Spots in Orlando 

Sushi Katana

Address: 4192 Conroy Rd #103, Orlando, FL 32839, United States

Price Range –  $$ 

Happy Hour – 4 pm and 6:30 pm Mon-Fri

If you’re not too fussed about the quantity and are looking for top-quality sushi, then look no further than Sushi Katana. The sushi here is really delicately prepared and as fresh as you can get. This spot legitimately came close to some of the sushi spots we sampled on our last trip to Japan. Sushi Katana won’t break the bank either, which is great to see. 

Sushi Katana is a little bit of a hidden gem. Although it has strong ratings throughout the review platforms. When you look at the top sushi restaurants in Orlando. Sushi Katana never seems to make the list. 

They do offer a great happy hour. This spot isn’t pricey in the first place, but if your looking for some seriously good value sushi then come during happy hour. You can get three rolls for the price of two during happy hour. 

The Madri Gras roll is a must-try. There are some really unique flavors with this Tuna and crayfish combination,  but they really work together. 


Address: 1809 Winter Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32803, United States

Price Range –  $$$$

Definitely the priciest option on our list, but if you are looking for the best standard of sushi and price is no object. Then Kadence would be your best choice. We ranked Sushi Katana as it’s the perfect mix of value and top-quality sushi. 

What’s really unique about Kadence is that you don’t make a reservation, you actually buy a ticket for a seat. There is also no menu on offer here. Each night it’s the chef’s menu, which is actually a really nice experience.  It results in seasonal dishes with the freshest ingredients available to the Kadence team. 

Kadence definitely has fine dining vibes about it, with a tasting menu set-up. It’s more of an experience than a meal with exquisite service,  some choice 90s hip hop quietly playing in the background, and some perfectly executed dishes that hit differently.  

The setting is also really intimate with just 9 seats in the whole restaurant, so it almost feels like you’re visiting a friend’s house with the set-up and the intimacy. That is of course if your friend is a master sushi chef.  

This is definitely a spot for a special occasion or if you are really balling out with dinner costs $195 per person. Lunch will set you back $85 and there is an early bird option for $95 ahead. 

Yamasan sushi and grill

Address: 1606 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, United States

Price Range –  $$

Yamasan is super consistent in its quality and service. This is one of the lesser-known sushi spots around Orlando, but again is a bit of a hidden gem. The quality of the fish is great here. The Ramen and specifically the Tonkatsu ramen is also a must-try. They also offer a happy hour between 4-6 every day. They have specials on drinks and certain appetizers where you can get half off a second plate.