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All You Can Eat Sushi Orange County: The Best Sushi Spots You Need to Try


  1. Sushi Damu

Address: 13962 Newport Ave D, Tustin, CA 92780, United States

Price Range –  $$$

In our books, this is the best option for AYCE sushi in Orange County. It has a solid mix of top-quality sushi, and decent service. What Sushi Damu also does well is its proportions of fish to rice for the nigiri, maki, and uramaki rolls.  

Sushi Damu is super popular and if you don’t get there early, be prepared to queue. Although there is a huge range of sushi on offer, the most impressive element is definitely the freshness of the sushi on offer.  

The only downside to this spot is the price point, coming in at $35 per person it is one of the more expensive options in the area. Don’t worry though we have a few really decent cheaper options below if you’re looking for top-notch value.  

  1. Hello Sushi

Address: 1301 S Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832, United States

Price Range –  $$

Located in Fullerton Metrocentre we really like the vibe of this spot. Other than the great sushi on offer. The service is impeccable, so if you’re looking to maximize the volume of what you can eat Hello Sushi is your answer. As the staff is on it.  

From a price perspective, there is a range of different options. Lunch costs $26.99, dinner costs $30.99, and for kids its costs $15.99, so there all pretty decent value. 

There are a number of delicious specialty rolls that are must-try, specifically the 911 roll which includes spicy scallop, crab meat, spicy tuna, and jalapeno, it’s epic. The range of appetizers available is also really good. The popcorn crawfish is top-notch. Hello, Sushi definitely got pushed up the list as they have pitchers of Sapporo and Asahi available for just $13.

  1. AYCE Sushi HB

Address: 5864 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, United States

Price Range –  $$

As you can guess by the name this spot does all-you-can-eat sushi. Located in Huntington Beach this is part of a chain of sushi spots. There is another location near the South Coast Plaza in Santa Ana. They do offer an a la carte option too, but we recommend going for the AYCE option as its decent value. 

AYCE sushi has two offerings for the all-you-can-eat offering. A premium option that includes a range of sashimi and oysters this will set up back $40 per person. For the standard option, you get all of the fan favorites like nigiri, maki, uramaki rolls, and appetizers. The stand option costs $35 per person.  Your best to go with the premium option as the Sashimi here is the bomb and can be ordered in rounds of 4 pieces per fish type. 

The quality of the sushi was very good, the service can be a little slow at times, but even during peak times, you can still get a good few rounds of orders in, in the 90 minutes that you have. The LA Dodgers roll was our top pick, this specialty roll combines spicy tuna, spicy crabmeat, and tempura eel in a delicious mouthful.  

Like most of the AYCE joints that feature on this list, you can expect to queue if you come during peak times. Another important thing to note is that AYCE Sushi HB doesn’t take any reservations.  

  1. Kanji Japanese Cuisine

Address: 21212 Bake Pkwy, Lake Forest, CA 92630, United States

Price Range – $$

Located in the Lake Forest area Kanji Japanese cuisine is a serious spot for AYCE sushi. The decor of this spot is definitely on the older side, but let’s be honest your not coming to an AYCE sushi restaurant for its aesthetic. The sushi here is good quality 

The service here can be a little slow if you go during peak times, but you will still be able to get a few rounds of orders in. From a price point, they charge $32.99 for the dinner option which is good. You can also get oysters in the AYCE option too, which is a big plus.  

If you don’t fancy going the whole hog with the AYCE option, they do also offer a Happy hour menu that has a decent mix of really well-priced dishes.   

  1. Zenko Sushi

Address: 28892 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92692, United States

Price Range – $

Located just off freeway 5 this is a convenient spot to pop into for some sushi. This spot had mixed reviews, so we were a little special before we visited, but we were pleasantly surprised at Zenko Sushi.

This place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but don’t let that dissuade you. Zenko sushi has some serious chops when it comes to its sushi quality. The fish they use is very good and fresh and the value you get is so good. The AYCE option costs $24.95 for dinner and $19.95 for lunch.  

The one area that we were a little disappointed in was the ratio of fish to rice, there was definitely a lot of rice to fish. 

Pound for Pound Best Sushi Spots in Orange County

Sushi Bear

Address: 17292 McFadden Ave, Tustin, CA 92780, United States

Price Range –  $$

Located in Tustin this is our overall top sushi restaurant recommendation. Sushi Bear is a casual spot that packs a serious punch when you combine the value with the quality of sushi that you get. 

The presentation of the dishes was also really beautiful, you could tell that the chefs put time and effort into each dish. 

The speciality rolls costs between $12 – $16, which is really good value as the rolls are massive. The standout rolls for us were the baked lobster roll. The sushi and sashimi is a great option to get if your looking for a mix of rolls and sashimi at a serious price.  The combo costs just $32 and is perfect for two people sharing.  

Yagi Japanese Restaurant

Address: 6324 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807, United

Price Range –  $$$

Yagi is known for their Omakase offering, which is basically the chefs choice where there a multiple small dishes served throughout the meal. Typically Omakase experiences are super pricey. At Yagi Japanese restaurant the Omakase meal will cost you more then your typical sushi dinner coming in at $65, but given the quality of the offering that is a steal. The experience is made of 11 dishes and is a culinary treat.  

If your looking for a more casual sushi experience then Yagi also does an alacarte menu that is reasonably priced. Its definitely at a more premium price point compared to the AYCE options,  but the quality is that step above. 

There were a few standout dishes for us that are must try’s. The lemon tuna roll is a flavor sensation and such a simple combination of spicy tuna, avocado, some sliced lemon and ponzu sauce. The Wagyu roll is also a nice roll to mix things up.

Tabi-ji Japanese Cuisine

Address: 665 N Tustin St Suite E-F, Orange, CA 92867, United States

Price Range – $$

Another option located in Tustin, this area is a hotbed of top quality sushi spots. Tabi-ji offers great value if your just dining for sushi options and they offer a number of packaged menus that are at inexpensive price points. 

Tabi-ji has a really nice set menu option that will set you back $50 and comes with a lovely mix of a number of meat dishes (the beef teriyaki is unreal), your choice of an additional meat option and your choice of two sushi or sashimi options.  

They also have a teppanyaki experience here too and while we dont typically rate spots that do both teppanyaki and sushi, Tabi-ji does some seriously good sushi, so its well worth a visit.