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All You Can Eat Sushi Denver: The Best Sushi Spots You Need to Try

Denver is an eclectic city and is known for being a serious foodie spot. The quality of choice of cuisine is really strong and this is also true of the sushi offerings around the city. All-you-can-eat spots are available, but they’re not as prevalent as in other cities we have visited. That’s not to say you won’t find them, you just need to do your research, and you’ve come to the right place 

On a side note, if you like craft beer, this is the city for you. There are so many good breweries in town, but you are here for the AYCE sushi so let’s delve into our top spots for all you can eat in Denver.

  1. Osaka Sushi

Address: 3940 E Exposition Ave, Denver, CO 80209, United States

Price Range –  $$ (AYCE Lunch – $15.95)

It may not look like the most impressive restaurant from the outside, but Osaka Sushi packs a punch. Osaka Sushi has all-around great vibes with super friendly staff and fresh delicious sushi that’s serious value. You really can’t go wrong. 

The lunch AYCE option is definitely the best value. Costing only $15.95 for lunch,  you really can’t go wrong. The caveat to Osaka Sushi is that they only do AYCE on Sundays. So, during the rest of the week, you will need to order on the ala-carte. This place is pretty decent value anyway, so you won’t break the bank here. 

The Colorado roll is our top recommendation here. It’s a must-try.  The Tuna sashimi melts in your mouth. 

  1. Sushi Train

Address: 3460 S Locust St, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Price Range –  $17.99 – $28.99

Similar to Osaka Sushi when you pull up to Sushi Train its got an interesting vibe to it. The building it’s in almost looks like a house and the front door looks like an employee’s back entrance. At Sushi Train, the food and the service do the talking, so don’t worry about the aesthetic. Although a caveat to this is that this place is a lot nicer on the inside than the exterior. It’s quirky, with friendly staff and decent sushi 

One of the quirkier things about this spot is that your food is actually delivered on a sushi train. Hence the name of the restaurant. 

 Our top recommendation for a specialty roll is definitely the “Sushi Train Roll” which is a spicy tuna, shrimp tempura roll that is topped with assorted fish. It’s delicious. 

From a price point perspective Sushi Train is a mid-range option,  but with the quality of fish and range of choice that you get this is a must-visit if you looking for AYCE sushi. The majority of the dishes on the regular menu are included in the AYCE offer. There are one or two dishes that have a surcharge to them, but overall most items are included.

  1. Sushi Katsu

Address: 2222 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014, United States

Price Range –  $24.99 – $30.95 

There are three different locations throughout Denver, but the Aurora location is definitely the best. There is the full stack of choices available here. The sushi here is fresh and tasty and the staff is so attentive. They’re literally over to you every few minutes to see if you want to order more and that your meal is going ok. Prices here have gone up recently, but let’s be honest. What hasn’t increased in price recently? 

The Takoyaki here is definitely the best of any of the restaurants we have featured on our list. This place does get super busy past 7 pm, so if possible we recommend you dine before then. 

  1. Umami by Chubby Cattle

Address: 2 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203, United States

Price Range –  $

This is a unique spot. When you first walk into Unami, you see the conveyor belt sushi, the hot pot area, and the splash of color. It really does give off premium vibes. There is a great mix of food on offer. It’s definitely more of a pan-Asian style offering with a range of different cuisines. 

They do have a really decent range of sushi on offer and the quality is good. It’s not the best sushi we have ever had, but it’s decent. When you consider all of the other options like the Ramen and the hot pot. This is what makes Umami worth visiting. 

Now the one drawback about this spot, is that it isn’t cheap with lunch coming in at $35.99 and dinner costing $47.99. The one piece of advice we would give is to come hungry and eat the premium cuts of meat and dishes to get the best bang for your buck.

Pound for Pound Best Sushi Spot in Denver 

Sushi Den

Address: 487 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210, United States

Price Range –  $$$

What’s really impressive about Sushi Den is that they ship in some of the freshest fish from Japan and around the world each day. Three brothers set up Sushi Den when they realized that fresh fish was a scarce commodity in Denver and this is Sushi Den’s most impressive aspect.  The freshest of fish, prepared by stellar chefs, with a level of service that matches the quality of the food.

There are a few tables that are available through the reservation, but the majority of the tables are for walk-ins. There is a happy hour menu too, it’s available daily up until 6 pm. The menu is vast and our favorite is the Happy Platter with 4 pieces. It will only set you back around $13 and is some serious value. 

This place is on the pricier side with 2 piece sushi orders costing around $12 dollars. They do offer seasonal specials which are usually the best choice in our opinion.  The kitchen specials are also a great option and pretty good value.

Matsuhisa Denver

Address:  98 Steele St, Denver, CO 80206, United States

Price Range –  $$$$

One of Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurants, he is infamous for mixing Japanese and Peruvian cuisines into delectable dishes. Matsuhisa is a sister restaurant of the infamous Nobu restaurants. The menu offering is actually pretty comparable between Nobu and Matsuhisa, with Matsuhisa being slightly more affordable. They offer all of Nobu Matsuhisa’s most famous dishes like miso Blackened cod, king crab tempura roll, and the salmon sashimi salad.  

This is definitely a fine-dining spot and is the most expensive option among all of the sushi spots on our list. Matsuhisa is not you’re typical North American sushi offering, so if your looking for different flavor combinations that are really delicious then Matsuhisa is worth a visit. 

Uchi Denver

Address: 2500 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Price Range – $$$$ (Happy Hour – Daily from 4 pm — 6:30 pm)

Again another pricey spot. Uchi is another non-traditional Japanese restaurant in its menu offering and it’s a little more affordable than Matsuhisa. The restaurant was started by American chef James Beard, and there are a few Uchi locations.  

The building that Uchi is located in is really special. It’s a warehouse-style building and the design aesthetic of Uchi is gorgeous. 

The 10-course Omakase offering is an experience. This spot can be difficult to get into, so be sure to make a reservation.  They also offer a really good happy hour, so be sure to check this out. We highly recommend the Wagyu tartare nigiri.  It’s so tasty and super value at $8.