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All You Can Eat Sushi Boston: The Best Sushi Spots You Need to Try

Boston is a seaside town known for its fresh fish and multicultural food scene and it’s not short on top quality Japanese restaurants. There is a ton of choice and there are a few of them that offer all-you-can-eat (AYCE) options.

We at InspoVacay have compiled a list of the top 10 options to save you some time. We have confined our search to Downtown Boston and areas that are no longer than a 20-minute drive away from the city. 

  1. Nijiya Sushi

Address: 9 High St, Medford, MA 02155, United States

Price Range –  $18.99 – $27.99

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Nijiya Sushi is around a 10-minute drive from Downtown Boston in the area of Medford. This restaurant is solely an AYCE spot and does it really well. There is a great choice of dishes and the fish is super fresh it’s also one of the best value spots on our list. 

Lunch here will set you back $18.99. While for dinner it costs $27.99 for the AYCE option. This is quite a similar offering to Yamato in Downtown, but in our opinion, it’s better quality and cheaper. Also, if you pay in cash they do offer a $2 discount. They also offer delivery for the set menu options. 

  1. Yamato II

Address: 545 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

Price Range –  $23 – $33

Located in Downtown Boston in the Backbay East area of the city. Yamato II is a  cozy underground spot that serves up some really decent sushi. There is a large variety of choices on the menu and the sushi is fresh and well prepared. Their Dragon rolls are delicious here and the Udon is also really nice off the main dish. 

As well as the AYCE options there is also an Alacarte menu, there are a number of options on the Alacarte that aren’t included on the AYCE menu. The AYCE menu also differs whether you are eating the lunch or dinner menu. Items like sashimi, special rolls, and combo rolls are only available with the dinner package. 

For lunch, the AYCE price is $23, while for the dinner sitting it will set you back $33. This spot does charge you for food if you don’t finish it. 

  1. Yamato

Address: 117 Chiswick Rd, Brighton, MA 02135

Price Range –  $23 – $33

Located in Brighton is about a 15-minute drive from Downtown Boston without traffic. As you can probably guess, this is the same chain as the Yamato II restaurant that holds our number 2 spot. The offering is pretty much identical for the two spots. The same fresh sushi, huge range of choices and great service. 

Prices differ depending on the time of day and time of day that you visit. For lunch midweek it will cost you $22.99, which is such good value. While a dinner sitting on the weekend will set you back $32.99. A spicy salmon combo is a solid option if you are ordering from the a la carte or getting takeout. 

  1. Douzo Sushi

Address: 131 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116, United States

Price Range –  $20 – $44

Located in the Backbay area of Boston on Dartmouth St between Columbus Ave & Southwest Corridor Park, this is one of our top spots for sushi in Boston. The design and atmosphere of Douzo are both very authentically Japanese. The food is probably the most authentic of any of the restaurants on our list. For its price point, it’s a really good standard of sushi. 

Although this isn’t an AYCE restaurant we had to include it on our list, as it’s one of the best sushi restaurants in Boston. It’s pretty good value too. Although it’s not AYCE you can order the tasting boat which includes 29 different pieces made up of sashimi and special rolls. It serves two people comfortably and costs $88. It’s serious value for the quality of sushi you get. 

  1. Zuma Boston

Address: 2nd Floor Four Seasons Hotel, 1 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02115

Price Range –  $85

Located in the Four Seasons hotel on the second floor. This Japanese restaurant only does AYCE on Sundays for their brunch offering. This spot isn’t cheap though, the AYCE brunch package runs at $85 per person and includes unlimited starters and sushi for the table, choice of entrée, and dessert platter for the table. 

The food here is very good, but for its price point, there are definitely better value options on our list. The prime beef tartare with smoked mayo is delicious. The sushi and the atmosphere here are top-notch and if you’re looking for a high-end AYCE experience this is the spot for you. 

  1. Red Lantern

Address: 39 Stanhope St, Boston, MA 02116, United States

Price Range –  $25

This Pan-Asian restaurant has a really nice menu on offer and is located in the Bay Village area. This is a restaurant during the day and evening and turns into a nightclub in the late hours of the day. Honestly, we are always skeptical of places that are restaurants/nightclubs, but the food here is actually decent and there is a decent AYCE sushi deal here on Tuesdays. Although this offer does not run all of the time, so be sure to call ahead to check. 

  1. Ibasaw

Address: 95 Middlesex St, Malden, MA 02148, United States

Price Range –  $32 – $46

Before sampling this spot we were really interested in the combination of offerings here with Hotpot and sushi available at Ibasaw. It’s a kind of Panasian offering. Ibasaw is located in Malden a little bit outside of downtown Boston, but it’s worth the trip if you want to sample a mix of hotpot and sushi in one spot. 

You can get an AYCE combo of the Hot Pot and sushi for $46 per person. The sushi here is not too bad, but the Hotpot is definitely the standout. 

Bonus Pick – Top AYCE Japanese BBQ Spot in Boston 

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Address: 1002 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446, United States

Price Range –  $32 – $46

Although this spot doesn’t serve sushi, if you are looking for great Japanese food then this is a great option too. Located quite near Boston University this spot is a prime favorite of the local college students and this is one of the best value AYCE options on our list.

We highly recommend giving the Japanese BBQ a try. It’s a unique experience and the meat that you get is really good quality. What’s great about this spot is that they have a number of locations throughout Boston in Dorchester and Brookline.

This place is super popular, so no matter what time and day you plan on going, always make sure to make a reservation before you go. As if you don’t have one, you will have to queue.